Masters of the Crypto Portfolio. Dave Torres & Blue Chip Crypto Break It Down

Sep 10, 2021

Mindset or Math? Dave Torres and Blue Chip Crypto provide an interesting perspective on Cryptocurrencies as the new asset class and the future of Blockchain.

With his mechanical engineering degree in hand, Dave Torres started his working years as a manufacturing engineer at the Ford Motor Company. While working at Ford, Dave earned a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan. Although his career was progressing quite well, he had the urge to work for himself and decided to leave engineering in 1994 to start his own financial planning practice.

For 26 years, Dave has served as a financial consultant helping individuals and businesses develop sound financial strategies for their retirement. He used his engineering problem-solving skills to help his clients build bridges, just now with a much different set of tools than he had originally had in his toolbox.

In 1999, feeling that the equity market was near the top, Dave started searching for a system that could provide indicators to his clients that would signal when to take profits and move to the sidelines with their investments. That search brought Mark Smith into his life. Mark was working as a wholesaler for a company that marketed such systems. They soon joined forces and became partners in a branch office for several years and over the last 20 years; Dave and Mark have joined forces on many endeavors, which have allowed them to refine their skills in finance. Dave usually managed the design process while Mark typically handled the technical analysis.

Their diversified skills are what they feel has prepared them for the coming shift in the financial systems which will include a mass adoption of blockchain assets. Blue Chip Crypto is their latest collaboration and what they believe will be their pinnacle achievement.

In 2002, Dave and Mark had the pleasure of meeting a Mutual Fund manager from a prominent Wall Street firm in New York. This manager explained to be successful in the financial markets you need to follow the money. They learned that there are only two types of investors in the financial markets. They are composed of Institutions and Individuals. Institutions are the big players such as pension funds, large money managers like Fidelity or Blackrock, insurance companies as well as our Federal Reserve. These institutions control trillions of dollars and make up 90% or more of the financial markets. The other 10% is made up of individuals such as us who control absolutely nothing. Some of these individuals may have a million or two in the market but they don’t have any control of the market’s direction.

Individuals are just along for the ride, similar to a pilot fish swimming next to a shark. The Mutual Fund manager said that if you want to be successful in the financial markets you have to follow the institutions and put your money where they put their money. That totally made sense to Dave in 2000 and it makes even more sense today in 2021when he looks at digital assets and blockchain technology. After nine years of studying cryptocurrency, it has become clear that we are experiencing a wealth transfer from traditional markets to digital markets. We believe that this wealth transfer is a transition from one system to the next and will be more of an integration between systems rather than a replacement of one to the other.

In 2013, Dave bought his first bitcoin at $100. Then in 2017, Dave bought his first Ethereum for $17. Dave has experience in purchasing crypto on multiple exchanges, Dexes, soft wallets, and swap sites. He has used several hard wallets for storage such as keepkey, trezor, ledger nano, and bitfi.

Dave credits his success in the cryptocurrency space to his engineering approach to building a cryptocurrency portfolio. When solving an engineering problem every engineer knows each problem is unique but will then follow the same process. To solve the problem one must first approach it from an understanding of what is currently known about the problem, and more importantly, what is also unknown about it. Engineers understand that the risks will come from what they don’t know about the problem rather than from what they do know about it.

Therefore, if the problem we are trying to solve is to build a cryptocurrency portfolio that survives mass adoption of this new asset class, then we must have a process for building that portfolio. The portfolio we build must be based on the information we currently know about the cryptocurrency space at that moment in time but must include strategies to navigate through changes that will happen during the adoption process.

Dave commented "This approach to investing in cryptocurrency is not about a get rich quick strategy. However, by understanding the space and implementing a process to build a sound portfolio, we as Blue Chip Crypto believe, that one can ultimately get rich in the process."

Dave also credits his success in the crypto space thus far to his understanding that change is constant. He believes, wholeheartedly, that the universe always favors a prepared mind. As a result, he has learned to embrace change rather than fight it. Having a never-quit attitude, 25 years experience in finance, a wife of 33 years, and an understanding that all successful technologies will follow the same s-shaped adoption curve has helped Dave be patient and stay on course throughout what has been and will continue to be a volatile adoption process.

Dave has made mistakes along this crypto journey and offers his "failing forward" experience and especially his mindset as a gift to those looking to start or continue their journey into this new asset class with Blue Chip Crypto.

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