Mastering Pickleball Underhand Serve Technique & Ball Placement For New Players

Nov 17, 2023

If you’re new to pickleball and want to improve your game, Experience Pickleball is a leading online resource. Get expert tips on your underhand serve in this guide!

Your serve is the most important shot in pickleball because it gets the rally going and sets the stage for the showdown to come.

Unlike tennis, you can’t serve overhand – so it’s important to understand positioning, ball placement, and technique to get the most from your shot. That’s where this guide from Experience Pickleball can help!

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Opening a pickleball sequence with an underhand serve allows the rally to begin without giving an unfair advantage to the serving team - but with the right technique and strategy, you can still create advantageous situations. The guide offers advice on ball placement and emphasizes making sure that all contact is made below the waste.

Proper underhand serve technique is essential for avoiding penalties. By maintaining the highest point of the paddle below wrist level throughout the serve motion, you can avoid errors. The guide advises you to practice fluid underhand swings that maximize power while keeping the paddle low.

An effective strategy covered in the guide is starting the serve by dropping the ball first, instead of tossing it upward. This allows the ball to fall into the ideal contact point for the underhand swing path.

Proper footwork is also emphasized: Experience Pickleball instructs that your dominant foot should be placed behind during the serve, with the non-dominant foot ahead. This creates a side stance that allows free motion of your serving arm.

In addition to serving techniques, Experience Pickleball provides a range of other pickleball tips and resources. With over 36 million pickleball players in 2023, according to the APP Tour Participation Report, the sport's popularity continues to rise - and Experience Pickleball aims to help players of all skill levels get the most enjoyment from the pastime.

A spokesperson states: "It is important that you perform an underhand serve correctly in Pickleball, as the rules around serving are very strict. This guide will help you to avoid serving incorrectly, such as letting your paddle hand travel above the waist."

If you’re looking for great advice across all areas of the sport, you need to head over to the Experience Pickleball site!

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