Massachusetts Bioresonance Hair Tests For Food Sensitivities & Gut Problems

Jun 24, 2024

How much can you tell about someone from their hair?! As it turns out, quite a lot! Poe Holistic Health is giving Massachusetts residents the opportunity to try bio-resonance hair testing to reveal vitamin deficiencies and potential food sensitivities. Book an appointment today! (508-388-2853)

Are all your lab results coming back normal yet you still feel unwell? Modern medicine is miraculous in so many ways but it doesn't always tell the whole story.

If you're looking for a new way to get the root of your stomach issues or fatigue and optimize your health, why not try bio resonance hair testing at Poe Holistic Health in Grafton, MA! More details at

Dr. Poe provides expertise in this non-invasive testing procedure which can help you identify nutritional imbalances, environmental intolerances, and imbalances in your gut. Bio-resonance hair testing measures frequencies emanating from your DNA which are then compared to those found in food groups, vitamins, enzymes, and bacteria.

A Fresh Perspective

The services offers you an alternative to conventional medical testing. The technology has been used by Olympic sports teams as a way to fine-tune nutritional programs and pick up on sensitivities that standard physician tests may miss. The bio-resonance tests are complemented by Poe Holistic Health's range of complementary therapies, providing nutritional guidance and natural solutions to help you address any issues uncovered in the procedure.


Bio-resonance testing was first developed by German scientists Franz Morell and Erich Rasche in 1977. According to Mora Med Tech, the technique centers on the premise that humans are continually generating and emanating electromagnetic energy which can be recorded, measured, and examined to draw conclusions about your health.


Dr. Poe can measure your frequencies against over 900 food and non-food items, compiling the results into a detailed report. While the procedure can help identify sensitivities, it is not intended as a complete replacement for medical treatment.

“Hair analysis testing does not test for allergies and does not constitute a medical diagnosis,” Dr. Poe explains.“It is important we continue to have our yearly physicals and blood work with our primary care physicians.”

Even if you're fit and healthy, the tests can help you optimize your health further. If you've tried every kind of medication and treatment going and you're still feeling rough, the tests could reveal something that's been missed up until now. Book a session today!

Dr. Poe says, “I love running these labs because it really gives people a detailed and personalized look into their health and wellness from a perspective that is rarely looked at.”

Get to the heart of your health problems with Poe Holistic Health!

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