Martech Outlook Lists LO:LA Among Top 10 Brand Management Firms For 2024

May 27, 2024

London : Los Angeles (LO:LA) is proud to announce that it has been listed among the top 10 brand management firms for 2024 by Martech Outlook!

LO:LA did it again! This time, they were included in the top 10 brand management firms for 2024 by Martech Outlook! This achievement highlights the brand’s never-ending commitment to telling stories that matter. Going beyond traditional marketing campaigns focused on what your brand is, LO:LA tells stories about what your brand does, and how your brand can help others.

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A powerful perception shift

LO:LA, which is known for its storytelling campaigns, explains that modern consumers want to engage with brands that discuss the “why” behind their company’s existence, rather than the traditional “what” or “how” of their operations.

It’s a powerful perception shift from what you do to what you can do for your customers. LO:LA helps you tell the story you need to tell.

Return on ideas approach

The team at LO:LA believes in the success of its return on ideas (ROI) approach when it comes to elevating marketing campaigns. Since its inception, LO:LA has worked closely with its clients to tell their stories and spark joy in their intended audience. The goal of all their marketing strategies is to provide a consistent and authentic message that positively resonates with the consumer.

Nicholas Platt, CEO of LO:LA, emphasizes his team's ROI approach stating, "For all our clients, we reexamine the core ‘why’ of their brand, providing a radical interpretation that directly communicates their value proposition to consumers."

With LO:LA, it’s never about the money. That comes naturally when you genuinely care about what you do. LO:LA is passionate about improving your ROI so your customers feel valued and heard.

Collaborative branding

LO:LA differentiates itself from its competitors with its single-minded dedication to storytelling marketing, a service they call ‘Brand In A Box’. This technique employs collaborative branding, which empowers you to work as closely as possible with the team and share ideas, experience, and creativity to facilitate more effective brand communication.

‘Brand In A Box’ is built on Carl Jung’s theory of the 12 archetypes and helps attract the target consumer by understanding the brand’s main personality. For example, a client may have more of a “Jester” personality, which is more focused on connecting to others in funny, lighthearted, and pleasurable ways. Understanding this, the LO:LA team will design a marketing campaign that maintains this brand image, thus attracting the right customers while keeping messaging consistent.

Naturally, these strategies change depending on the archetype of the brand. A “Jester” campaign, for instance, won’t work for a “Lover” archetype or an “Innocent”.

LO:LA says that it plans more product launches in London and Los Angeles in 2024. In particular, Platt intends to expand his team’s reach even further into the American and British markets and help more U.S. and U.K. brands create more meaningful marketing campaigns.

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