Marketing for Ketamine Clinic: Why Content Marketing Is Better Than Facebook Ads

Dec 11, 2023

Ketamine therapy marketing is an uphill battle – but one that can be won! Yeah, Gates was right – it’s all about the content.

Ketamine Clinic Marketing: An Uphill Battle

Have you tried running ads for your ketamine clinic, only to have them taken down? Or maybe you haven't managed to post them at all? Or maybe you're thinking they're out there doing their thing, when in fact, no one is seeing them?

If that's happened to you, you likely googled the hell out of this and were less than pleased to find out that Google and Meta are not that fond of publishing ads for ketamine therapy - citing its off-label status as the reason.

Which okay, even you have to admit that the lack of FDA approval is a good reason, right?

However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't or can't advertise your services. And luckily for you - and thousands of people out there who need your help - there are better marketing strategies than paid ads.

Yes, the headline gave it away - but I'll say it anyway: content marketing. I'll tell you more about it, of course, and I'll even introduce you to someone who can do the whole thing for you - Alcyone.

How Content Marketing for Ketamine Gets You Seen

Alright, so the major issue here is that you can't get seen. You can buy as many ads as you want, but it won't help if no one actually sees them - so throwing money at the problem clearly isn't a solution. It's just... well, throwing money away. Money which you could spend on something that will actually get you results.

Here's why content marketing should be the thing you spend money on:


When I say content marketing, I don't mean you posting articles on your blog which no one visits. I mean professional content marketing, multimedia content marketing - the kind of content marketing that gives you omnipresence. Your content published across hundreds of sites. And it's not just blogs, either; it's podcasts, and videos, and infographics - it's the whole shebang.

All of these are published on high-authority sites. So not only will you be, literally, all over the place, but you'll also be all over the right places. And because people trust these sites, they will be more likely to trust you, too.

But more on that below.

Brand Authority:

While traditional ads and SEO may get you some results - yes, even in your line of business - there's one benefit they just can't provide and that's brand authority, or "social proof" if you will.

Because, let me ask you - when you google something, do you click on the first few results tagged 'Ad', or do you ignore those completely and scroll down to find something that's not paid promotion? If you're like most human beings, I'll assume you ignore ads. I mean, we pretty much ignore any and all ads, all the time - because we don't trust them.

Well-written, informative, and engaging content published on a trusted news site or a blog.... well, that's a different ball game. We perceive this content to be more trustworthy since it's not the company itself yelling "hey look at us, we're the best"; it's third-party content that addresses our needs, and focuses on us.

And that's how brand authority works - you build it slowly by getting your potential patients to trust you. Plus, this also gets Google to trust you, which means it will rank you higher.

Quality Leads:

Lastly, we need to mention the old adage "it's quality, not quantity" - and this applies to lead generation. Because it doesn't matter if you get a whole bunch of leads but most are not interested in using your services, and you need to qualify them, follow up, etc. - or they're just curious about ketamine, but not that curious that they want to try it. Sound familiar?

Those "leads" are a waste of your time and money - I know that, you know that. But, let's face it, that's to be expected if all you rely on are paid ads, which are oversaturated, a bit too aggressive, mostly ignored, and - let's call a spade a spade - boring. So even if people do click on them, they likely don't yet trust you enough to book an appointment.

With content marketing, though, you can do something different. You can focus on educating your potential patients, showing them that you're an expert in the field, showcasing case studies, easing their fears, and debunking myths about ketamine therapy. And once you show them that you're a trusted source of information, they will be more willing, more ready, and more likely to book an appointment.

For instance, one of Alcyone's clients experienced significant growth in appointments in just six months; they were fully booked. Their content marketing conversion rate was 200%, compared to just 3.83% from paid ads.

And speaking of Alcyone...

Hyper-Local Focus: Aim Small, Score Big

Alcyone is a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing for alternative therapy centers. Their content marketing campaigns are designed to target specific locations and mental health conditions to improve visibility for those searches.

The idea is basically to get you on Google page one for all kinds of combinations, like "Palo Alto ketamine therapy for depression" and "Menlo Park ketamine for anxiety" - you get the point. And, if you start doing content marketing, you'll get the results, too.

Start your ketamine marketing journey at

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