Marion IN Top IT Consultant for Small Businesses Offers Free Cybersecurity Audit

Jun 21, 2024

Aptica LLC wants to help you grow your business by using technology to your advantage, offering a free audit of your IT systems focused on cybersecurity and efficiency.

Outsourced IT Services for Small Businesses in Marion, IN

Do you feel like technology is holding you back from growing your small business? It doesn't have to be like that! With Aptica LLC's managed IT services, you can take control of your systems and cyber security!

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As cyber threats are becoming an increasing problem, Aptica came up with the Midwest Small Business Digital Successive Initiative (MSBDSI). The project is aimed at helping small businesses in Midwestern cities like Marion, IN, keep up with new technologies, providing outsourced IT support and solutions.

Keep Up With Tech With Aptica

With technology evolving faster than ever before, many small businesses struggle with meeting consumer expectations and keeping their IT systems secured from cyber threats. By providing managed IT services, Aptica wants to help you and other Marion SMBs scale your businesses, contributing to the economic growth of the Midwest.

"We love the challenge of finding ways to make technology work well, and work efficiently for our clients. Often, we have found that our new clients are working for their technology—and we know how to turn that around," founder and CEO Jason Newburg said.

Cyber Security Can Make or Break Your Business

According to the United States Agency for International Development, in 2019, 300 global CEOS said that insufficient cybersecurity will be "the single greatest threat to the global economy" in the next ten years. In 2023, it was estimated that the total costs of cybercrime globally would be $8 trillion, a sum larger than the economy of all countries except for the US and China. Furthermore, predictions suggest that cybercrime costs will reach over $23 trillion by 2027, underlining the importance of resilient IT systems in the modern day.

Free Tech Audit

Aptica's MSBDSI project provides you with a complimentary technology audit to identify inefficiency and security risks. The consultant implements security programs and educates your employees in cybersecurity practices to ensure they have the knowledge not to be misled by cybercrime attempts like phishing attacks. >>Find more information and get a free audit at:

Big IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Additionally, Aptica offers IT solutions like multifactor authentication, cloud backup, and ongoing support. The team will customize a plan that suits your industry and goals, aiming to optimize your use of technology so that you can expand your operations.

A client shared a testimonial: "I am happy to have my focus back to running my business. If I have IT questions or problems, I get fast answers and fixes. I'm confident we made the right choice to outsource our IT management to Aptica LLC."

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