Manalapan Sensory Gym For Children Has Climbing Walls & Rotational Swings

May 29, 2024

Being a child today is tough! That’s why you should equip your kid with the tools they need to get through it all by bringing them to TOTville’s (732-860-8100) sensory gym in Manalapan, NJ!

Children are constantly being bombarded with sensory stimuli, and as a result, many don't have the skills and coping mechanisms needed to deal with it all. It's situations like these where a place like TOTville comes in handy! The Manalapan, NJ occupational therapist provides children with a safe space where they can work on their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Their innovative sensory gym is filled with equipment designed to promote sensory integration and encourage play-based learning.

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What's Inside The Sensory Gym?

TOTville's sensory gym has several pieces of equipment for children to interact with. From colorful climbing walls and multi-directional ladders to rotational swings and zip lines, the equipment has been carefully curated to provide a wide range of sensory input for them.

“The equipment in our sensory gym provides proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input, both of which children need to encounter in order to grow,” explained a spokesperson for TOTville. “Use of our facility will let your child reach their highest potential in a secure, non-threatening environment.”

What Is The Space Like?

TOTville has carefully laid out all of its equipment to optimize space and flow. Doing so has allowed for better supervision and more opportunities for children to explore and engage with different sensory stations independently or in groups.

What Kind Of Activities Take Place In The Sensory Gym?

While in the sensory gym, children get put through specialized programming delivered by TOTville’s certified occupational therapists. These expert-led sessions are tailored to address specific developmental challenges, such as poor fine and gross motor skills, trouble interacting socially, and difficulty processing sensory information.

Can My Child Benefit From Using The Sensory Gym?

Though the sensory gym is particularly useful to children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Sensory Processing Disorder, all children are welcome to visit it and experience the many activities it has to offer.

Children who use the gym generally see improvements in several areas, including sensory integration, coordination, balance, focus, body awareness, and muscle strength. Because a lot of the activities done in the gym are performed in groups, children also learn how to cooperate, share, and compromise.

“I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the experience my daughter has had at TOTville's sensory gym,” said a satisfied parent. “From the moment we stepped inside, we knew she was in for an adventure. The environment is so inviting, filled with vibrant colors and engaging activities that cater perfectly to a child’s sensory needs. I would highly recommend it.”

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