Managed PPC Services: Targeted Campaigns For B2B & SaaS Lead Generation

Jun 27, 2023

With 120/80, you can get fully managed PPC services to put your business on the map – and drive more qualified leads!

If you struggle to generate leads consistently, you’re not alone - but by working with a specialist like 120/80, you can effortlessly drive more clicks.

Whether you’re a startup trying to gain traction or an experienced business in need of a little extra push, the right PPC management solution can make all the difference!

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120/80 offers data-backed solutions intended to drive more qualified leads from multiple channels. The team prioritizes uncommon paid-media strategies - including cross-channel remarketing, which tailors content to specific stages of the customer journey.

120/80 focuses on addressing the prevalent issue SaaS companies have with low-quality leads that fail to convert, citing recent studies showing that 65% of businesses consider lead generation their most significant challenge.

To combat this problem, the team employs a full-stack approach that begins with keyword research and competitive analysis. They will identify effective keywords for niche-specific lead generation - and the agency optimizes its approach to ensure you are targeting the right audience at the right time.

The agency also specializes in retargeting, which allows you to engage with users who have previously shown interest in your products or services. By presenting tailored ads to these prospects across a varied range of platforms, 120/80 can increase the chance of conversion.

120/80 targets customers on Google, but also expands its reach to popular social channels such as YouTube and LinkedIn. By crafting compelling and visually appealing ads, the agency helps you drive engagement on these prominent sites - increasing your visibility and brand awareness.

The success of 120/80's PPC management service is exemplified by recent case studies. One of their dental clients experienced a 637% increase in new patients, thanks to targeted PPC campaigns implemented by the agency. In addition to this, a sales client achieved a 386% surge in leads to achieve their growth goals.

A spokesperson states: "We've been executing PPC strategies for lead generation since the birth of this digital marketing service. We focus on ads on Google, YouTube, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Quora."

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