Manage Stress & Relieve Tension With These Calming Essential Oil Blends

Dec 29, 2022

To help you combat stress, Loving Essential Oils has created a guide to the best stress-relieving essential oils so you can feel calm and centred quick-fast.

Manage Stress & Relieve Tension With These Calming Essential Oil Blends

Stress. The very mention of the word can place tension on your shoulders and for many of us, stress is something we're faced with daily.

Good news: You can manage stress the natural way with Loving Essential Oils!

Created for people who are struggling with stress, the guide was compiled by Jennifer Lane, a certified aromatherapist. Using her years of experience, she has created a list of the essential oils that are most effective for stress relief, including oils that are known for their calming, balancing, and relaxation properties.

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In the guide, you'll learn how stress affects the body and how essential oils can be used to promote peace and calm. The author has provided eight essential oil recommendations, accompanied by a bullet-pointed list detailing their scent and aroma.

You will also learn how each essential oil should make you feel and find that most on the list are described as restorative, calming, and energizing. Lane particularly recommends Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange, and Himalayan Cedarwood if you are looking for a natural remedy for emotional and mental stress.

You are advised to mix these oils together to create a custom stress-relief blend to enhance their benefits. Lane recommends combining Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Orange during periods of high stress.

To use, you can add your essential oil blend to a diffuser, apply the solution topically, or inhale it, allowing the aroma to enter your bloodstream and relax the body's nervous system.

Explaining how essential oils can help with stress, Lane says, “Emotional and mental stress can be especially damaging to your body's immune system. When experiencing high stress, your body's immune function decreases and this can lead to diseases. Essential oils can promote balance and calm your emotions. Their powerful, yet non-addictive properties, make essential oils a valuable alternative for relieving the build-up of stress and tension. They can help you find a sense of calm during turbulent times.”

About Loving Essential Oils

Loving Essential Oils is an aromatherapy resource and online store. They create digital guides that explain the details of popular essential oils and how they can be used to tackle many different ailments, empowering people to experience the benefits of essential oils at home.

For many of us, stress is simply a part of life and you can't always click your fingers and make it go away. You can however use essential oils to feel more calm, centered, and balanced.

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