Making School Safer and Smarter With Early Detection and Intervention Warning System

Apr 23, 2021

Global Business Consultant and Marketing Expert Cedric Burl announce his affiliation with a group of companies aim at making school safer and smarter.

The true test of a society is how it educates and treats its children. Do you know that more and more kids from minority groups drop out of school and eventually engage in criminal behavior? We, as adults and their guardians, need to do something about this, and helping them stay in school is an excellent way to start. 

Cedric Burl, the CEO of Wall Street Insight, proposes an automated data dashboard with an early warning and intervention system for private and public school districts. The system aims to prevent underrepresented, at-risk minority youth from engaging in socially unacceptable behavior and potentially dropping out of school.

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The software system, which is proven and being used throughout the United States, was endorsed by Burl as a way of helping his community. He recognizes that educators need to adopt a multi-pronged approach in managing their students to prevent them from dropping out, developing anti-social behavior, or not engaging in class. This includes taking a closer look at each child to make informed decisions.

Only a small percentage say that they drop out because of the school environment, ineffective teachers, residential instability, mental health issues, or getting kicked out of school.

Researchers have connected many of these factors to socioeconomic status. Students from low-income areas are 2.4 times more likely to drop out of school than those from middle-income neighborhoods. When students need to worry about necessities like food, shelter, and safety, they cannot expend energy on school. Burl realizes this is the time parents and teachers should look for warning signs.

The early intervention dashboard is designed to help you to organize and filter data by student, class, teachers, grade, school, or district. This way, you can see any potential challenges in five key pillars, namely discipline management, intervention management, student safety, student success, and equity in education, among the children you teach. 

Burl is currently a high-risk business investment consultant and is working with a software company specializing in producing early warning intervention systems. The proposed system aims to make public schools safer and smarter.

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