Magnolia TX Wellness Center Offers Flotation Tanks To Help With Pain Management

Jan 29, 2021

A wellness center in Magnolia, TX can help you recover faster from your aches and pains with the use of flotation tanks.

Looking for a natural way to recover from aches and pains? This wellness center has just what you need!

Magnolia, TX-based Blissful Waters Float Center announces the launch of its updated pain management service. This offering uses sensory deprivation flotation tanks to help you recover from chronic or acute pain caused by injuries and illnesses.

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The updated service aims to give you an all-natural way of reducing and healing pain in conjunction with other therapies you are receiving. It is ideal for those who are dealing with pain caused by sports injuries or musculoskeletal problems like arthritis.

Blissful Waters Float Center notes that flotation tanks have been used for various forms of therapy since their invention in the 1950s. The tank is filled with water to which Epsom salt is added, causing people inside to float as if weightless.

This feeling of weightlessness can be crucial in hastening healing, as floating eases the pressure on your muscles, bones, and joints. As such, many elite athletes use flotation tanks to recover from injuries so they can play sooner.

Since the tank is sealed off from all light and sound, it is also an ideal place for meditation which can help ease your anxiety. A recent study showed that even one hour of sensory deprivation therapy can drastically reduce stress and improve mood.

You may book your session online through Blissful Waters Float Center’s website. You can choose between a 60 or 90-minute session; the tanks can accommodate up to three people at a time.

Blissful Waters Float Center is a leading flotation therapy and wellness destination that serves the Magnolia, TX area. With its pain management therapy, it aims to help people find alternative ways of easing their ailments.

A spokesperson says: “Flotation tanks are perhaps the best-kept secret in pain management therapy. Being able to float weightlessly, even for a short time, does wonders for the body and facilitates the healing process. We encourage everyone who deals with chronic pain to give it a try.

Get the effective and all-natural pain management you deserve. Book a session today!

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