MA Alternative Health Clinic Offers Bioresonance Hair Tests For Food Intolerance

May 28, 2024

Sometimes a physical exam or lab tests don’t tell the whole story of what’s going on inside your body. If standard medical treatment hasn’t managed to get to the bottom of your health issues, try bioresonance hair testing at Poe Holistic Health (508-388-2853)!

Are you struggling with stomach issues? Have you developed environmental sensitivities? If traditional medicine hasn't managed to get to the bottom of your health problems, perhaps it's time to try an alternative.

Try bioresonance hair testing at Poe Holistic Health. Identify your nutritional deficiencies and pinpoint what's upsetting your natural body chemistry. More details at

The method involves taking and analyzing small hair samples to determine potential food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, environmental intolerances, and the state of your metabolic health and gut microbiome. Poe Holistic Health offers these advanced testing solutions to patients across the state of Massachusetts. Why not book a session?

Identify The Problem - Find A Solution

Bioresonance testing at the Poe clinic provides you with a detailed report of your current health and can be complemented by a range of services – from nutrition consulting to cleansing and detox programs – to address any deficiencies. The findings may be of help to those of you who are struggling with gut issues, metabolic health, inflammation of the intestines, and fatigue.

How It Works

Bio-resonance testing measures the frequencies, or energy, of a living organism – in this case, a hair sample – and compares it to a database of frequencies. The results reveal the relative levels of vital elements within your body and can also highlight sensitivities.

A New Perspective

The method, Dr. Poe explains, has the potential to help people who have sought medical advice and treatment using standard interventions but are still experiencing discomfort or pain. While Poe Holistic Health recommends that bio resonance hair testing be complemented by a consultation with a qualified MD, biresonance testing can still highlight issues that traditional physical exams and lab tests may miss.

“I love running these labs because it really gives people a detailed and personalized look into their health and wellness from a perspective that is rarely looked at,” says Dr. Poe. “My mission is to help people find alternative means to improve their lives using natural, non-invasive, and holistic methods.”

Other Poe Services

In addition to bio-resonance testing, Poe Holistic Health also specializes in naprapathic therapy, herbal therapy, immune system treatments, intimacy consulting, homeopathy, and the Graston technique. Dr. Poe holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Holistic Health, a PhD in Alternative Medicine, a Doctorate in Naprapathy, and a board certification in Sexology.

For a fresh take on your well-being, turn to Poe Holistic Health!

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