Luxury Pivot Doors For LA Homes: Get A Custom Elegant Design For Your Entryway

Jun 19, 2024

Embrace elegance and elevate your entryway with a new luxury pivot door from Los Angeles’ most acclaimed bespoke door makers, Panda Windows & Doors.

Panda Windows & Doors wants entering your house to give you the same feeling travel does, the feeling of being transported somewhere wonderful. That’s why they have created their new Voyage Select collection of innovative and beautiful luxury pivot doors.

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Introducing The Voyage Select Pivot Door

Inspired by the grand entrances of traditional and modern homes in exotic locations around the world like Ibiza in Spain, Rio in Brazil, Bondi in Australia and Petra in Jordan, Panda Windows & Doors is pleased to be bringing you these high-end and elegant designs.

Panda Windows & Doors have created their luxury pivot doors to help you elevate your own entryway and they believe the pivot door represents a unique synthesis of form and function.

The new Voyage Select contemporary design collection features 10 distinctive designer styles, and each one has been created to boldly yet elegantly reimagine the front door, giving you luxury looks like unique two-textured combinations, inset lateral glass panels and striking embossed finishes.

A spokesperson from their design team said, “Inspired by exotic locations, our line of custom contemporary pivot doors are the perfect mix of modern design and highly engineered durability.”

Get A Custom Front Door Made From Premium Materials

Built using a sophisticated system of concealed self-closers, these typically tall, large and heavy glass, thermally broken aluminum or wooden doors can float weightlessly open to a 90-degree angle and then either hold themselves open or close gently on their own.

As bespoke door makers, Panda Windows & Doors can customize the size, panel style, materials and finishes of your door to suit your personal style. They can also offer you a complete entryway aesthetic, adjoining your new pivot door with sidelites to either side of the door and transom windows above it.

They have also created a new selection of handles and hardware to complement their new pivot door styles that you can choose from.

Modern Design Meets Quality To Stand The Test Of Time

In addition to the elegant profile of their towering and weightless pivot doors, Panda has also designed them to the highest impact, weather, energy efficiency and security standards to ensure that your new door, which they will craft carefully by hand, will provide you with years of exceptional quality.

“Our pivot doors are not only beautiful, but easy to use as well,” their spokesperson added. “Thanks to our state-of-the-art engineering, each door can be operated almost effortlessly, even when panels exceed 1,000 lbs. Each unit is fabricated with a concealed self-closing mechanism for ease of use, and a multi-point locking system to secure your door against forced entry.”

Panda Windows & Doors is pleased to be setting the world standard for door design.

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