Luxury Architectural Windows & Glass Folding Doors For Upscale Las Vegas Homes

Jun 11, 2024

Set your house apart with one of Panda Windows & Doors’ custom window or glass door systems! Call them at (888) 246-1651 to learn more about their design services in Las Vegas!

Nothing can set your home apart like a stunning set of architectural windows, a uniquely designed pivot door, a telescoping door that makes a bold impression on your guests as soon as they approach your home, or… The list goes on and on, but believe it or not, Panda Windows & Doors can design all of that and more! With numerous styles and flexible sizing options available to you, they can turn any part of your home into an architectural marvel, no matter how it’s shaped!

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Bespoke Glass Designs

Specializing in one-off designs, Panda Windows & Doors offers a variety of luxury window and glass door systems that can be used to create new entrances, connect existing spaces, and improve ventilation and lighting in homes. 

The company’s in-house team of engineers can design: 

  • Folding doors
  • Multi-Slide doors
  • Lift & Slide doors
  • Pivot doors
  • French doors
  • Operable windows

That’s not even the full list of things they can do. They are also capable of fabricating retractable screens and glass sliding walls that maximize visibility and space usage. What’s more is that they’re all available in a variety of contemporary styles, and they can be customized to fit entryways of any shape and size. 

Furthermore, Panda Windows & Doors can design their systems around curved or radial structures and other unconventional architectural features, if needed. So even if you have some nonstandard house shapes going on, don’t worry! Their engineers will happily rise to the challenge.

Safe and Energy-Efficient

Additionally, all product lines have thermally broken options, which are more energy-efficient than standard window and door profiles. Regardless of the choice, Panda Windows & Doors’ systems are engineered to be able to withstand all weather conditions, extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy impacts, and natural disasters, including flooding and hurricane-force winds. They also come with a number of security mechanisms to protect the home from forced entry, ensuring that you and your family remain safe. 

They’re pretty, but they’re not delicate in the slightest. You won’t have to worry about a thing once they’re installed!

The Best Window and Glass Door Designers in Vegas

Panda Windows & Doors has been developing moveable glass features and openings since it was established in 1991. The company now offers more than 80 different window and door systems that have been widely used in both residential and commercial settings throughout North America.

“Our mission is to create the most elegant, minimally obtrusive, and precision-engineered windows and doors that will enhance the beauty of and add value to your next project,” says a spokesperson for the company. “At Panda Windows & Doors, we design beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look.”

If you’re ready to add a luxury glass showpiece to your home, Panda Windows & Doors is ready to design it for you. Contact them today for your options!

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