LP Canister Drills & DTH Hammers For Construction Drilling By Center Rock Inc.

Jun 19, 2024

Find out why hundreds of drilling companies are switching to Center Rock Inc. (814-267-7100) for all their equipment and maintenance needs. Work with a product provider who understands the challenges drillers face across multiple sectors – from oil and gas to construction and mining.

If you're in the drilling industry and your tool suppliers lack the expertise and versatility to deliver on-site solutions, perhaps it's time to look elsewhere?

Choose Center Rock Inc. - a Berlin, PA-based company specializing in product provision and servicing manufacturing for all types of drilling industry applications. Check out its line of tools, accessories, and on-site services at https://centerrock.com/

The company designs, manufactures, and delivers high-quality drill bits, downhole drills, and other specialty products for the oil, gas, mining, construction, and foundation contracting industries. From its low-profile drill series, down-the-hole hammers, and accessories to Hutte hydraulic drilling rigs, Center Rock Inc. is capable of providing the tools for any of your rock drilling requirements – even if you're operating in challenging conditions.

Adapt To Challenges

Center Rock, which has been in operation since 1998, prioritizes safety and efficiency in all its products. A team with firsthand experience in the drilling industry ensures you get the on-site support you need to complete projects and adapt to challenges as they arise.

Oil & Gas

If you're in the oil and gas industry, the company offers proven bit technology to optimize production and reliability. The team offers you consulting on drilling solutions and techniques as well as on-site training for operators. Center Rock's range includes valveless hammers, jetted back heads, bit retainers, injection systems, and drill pipes among many other products and services. The company has provided customized solutions for all types of oil and gas drilling applications, from jet subs to diamond-enhanced carbide bits and Hydro-Jaw breakout and make-up systems. Whatever you need, they can deliver!


Center Rock's construction drilling products include DTH hammers with drill bits ranging from 89 mm to 1219 mm in diameter. In addition to LP Canister Drills, hole-openers, and underreamer systems, you can also access support equipment such as water or oil injection systems and air manifolds.


The company also provides mining LPs for quarry mining and blast hole drilling. The range of products and services can meet the demands of any surface or underground application - upward or downward and from vertical to horizontal. Center Rock is pleased to offer you industry-leading customization to ensure your needs are met.


There are also options for hammer and bit repairs, extending the lifecycle of your components and improving safety in the process. “Center Rock can extend the service life of your bits by reconditioning your existing drill bits and sharpening or replacing all carbide or diamond inserts,” a spokesperson says. “Reconditioned bits are magnetic particle-inspected for structural integrity using state-of-the-art equipment.”

No one does drilling like Center Rock Inc.! Reach out today to find out how they could help you.

For more info, go to https://centerrock.com/

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