Love Fantasy Fiction? You Should Read This Serialized Epic Quest Story Book

Mar 25, 2021

The Pilgrimage is a fantasy series by John Holowach. It follows a young explorer as he embarks on a quest in a dangerous valley, and as he fights for his survival when an unexpected visitor arrives.

Join an online community of captivated fans and prepare to be gripped as you lose yourself in this epic serialized tale told by fantasy adventure author John Holowach!

John Holowach, an author who writes works of fiction in the fantasy genre including Unbeaten Path: Story Of A Monster, has a new fantasy adventure series.

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Holowach’s latest launch is called The Pilgrimage and tells the tale of Arteo di Finia, a young man who embarks on a dangerous journey through a perilous valley that is home to the poisonous roots of a giant tree. His quest is hampered when an unexpected guest, his sister, joins his expedition, forcing him into a desperate fight for survival.

The story is told in several parts and is a serialized work of fiction, modeled on the works of renowned classical authors like Dickens, Tolstoy, Doyle, and Wells. Holowach explains that telling a story in this traditional format captivates audiences over the course of several years and allows them to participate in the story with the protagonist as the narrative unfolds.

The serialized fiction launch is provided in installments and you will have access to new chapters on a monthly basis by joining the author’s Patreon. Holowach explains that reading a novel is usually a solo activity, but by providing the story in installments he is building excitement for the audience and has created an online community for fans.

You can also access the story in audio format. Audio versions of each chapter are available immediately and can be found on Spotify and Google Podcasts. The audio chapters are provided on a complimentary basis. More information can be found by visiting

You can visit the website to receive updates when a new chapter is available. You are also encouraged to join the author’s Patreon to receive exclusive benefits.

John Holowach is a fantasy adventure author. The Pilgrimage is his latest published work and it is available in a serialized fiction format. He has dedicated two years to the completion of this project, and has not only written the novel but commissioned artwork, created audio recordings, and built an online community for fans.

Are you ready to get lost in this gripping tale?

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