Love Dogs? Open This Post Now And It Will Make You Happy


The best thing to ever happen to humanity aside from the internet are dogs. Yep. Dogs are actually angels and they are here to help us be happy. They are made of happiness!

1. Different types of dogs

2. You are the cause of his alcoholism, Dave

3. What a very professional dog

4. That’s the best son ever could ask for

5. A very great dogs

6. Don’t smonk too much

7. But I bet you retrieve happiness

8. It is an honor to pet

9. Here is another megabyte

10. Do not assume, please

11. We need an unbiased media

12. It’s a good life

13. It is the law of nature

14. Same, dog, dame

15. Snip snap poison doggos

16. I want to listen to what he’s listening

17. Never fails