Louisville B2B Marketing: High-Profile Media Content Written By Humans

Jun 24, 2024

If you want to boost the online profile of your Louisville business, MaxDRIVE offers human-developed multimedia content campaigns that are published on some of the most famous platforms in the world.

Leveraging High-Authority Content

Major news outlets, like Business Insider, AP, and Google News, have much higher authority ratings, so they achieve better Google rankings. The new media content campaigns from MaxDRIVE leverage over 350 high-authority outlets, including the three just mentioned.

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Development of your campaign is led by a team of professional writers, which remains the best way to make real and meaningful connections. In addition to news articles published on major media outlets, you’ll also have videos, audio pieces, slideshows, and more.

To be effective, content marketing needs to be easy to find by your intended audience, and also needs to attract their interest. MaxDRIVE’s done-for-you content solution addresses both requirements, offering professionally created materials that reach a huge audience.

“Our campaigns help your business to focus on a specific product, service, city, or place, bringing you the most relevant and targeted traffic for your needs,” company founder, Dale Schaefer, explained. “We offer a diverse range of multimedia formats, including articles, blogs, videos, presentations, audio ads, and infographics, making our campaigns 5x more powerful than traditional content methods.”

Gaining Visibility With Google

Google considers a complex range of factors when determining search rankings, including the keywords being used, the user’s location, and how trusted specific websites are. While Google has often denied the use of domain authority – a measure of trustworthiness – in its algorithm, a recent leak of thousands of internal documents revealed that ‘site authority’ does, in fact, play an important role.

As MaxDRIVE points out, your businesses may struggle to get noticed because your website does not have a high authority rating on Google. The agency’s new content solution therefore takes a different approach, publishing high-quality original pieces on platforms that are well known and already hold strong authority ratings.

About MaxDRIVE

Agency founder Dale Schaefer has over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, and he has brought together a team of advertising and writing professionals to create the unique new content marketing solution. While the firm works mostly with clients in Louisville and surrounding areas, the content campaigns are available to businesses in any location.

“Our physiotherapy practice had very inconsistent bookings, and we were only operating at half capacity a lot of the time,” one client recently stated. “This content strategy increased our visibility in multiple locations, and we now have three beds that are almost fully booked, causing us to hire two additional therapists.”

Discover the power of high-authority content marketing. Contact the experts at MaxDRIVE to start planning your multimedia campaign.

Check out https://www.maxdrivemarketing.com/ so you can learn more.

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