Los Angeles Stylish & Durable Pivot Doors Improve Home Security & Curb Appeal

Jun 10, 2024

With Panda Windows & Doors (+1-702-643-5700) you can upgrade your LA home security with strong, durable, and stylish pivot doors – and customize them to match your style!

Pivot doors – they look great, they're easy to open, and they give you plenty of space for moving your furniture around. But you know what else the pivot doors from Panda Windows & Doors are also great for? Adding a layer of protection to your home, because they're more durable and sturdy than traditional doors!

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The first line of defense for your home

Recent data highlights an increase in break-ins across California. Safe and Sound Security reported a rise in 'smash and grab' incidents and an uptick in overall property crimes statewide over the past year, and homeowners are seeking stronger deterrents to safeguard their belongings and loved ones.

Each of the pivot doors available through Panda Windows & Doors can be customized based on your preferences, with different sizes and add-ons available - such as sidelights and transom windows. They each have a concealed self-closer in either the subfloor or the header, maintaining the elegant and modern exterior without adding bulk.

Doors strong enough to resist forced entry

Pivot doors offer a reliable solution with superior security compared to traditional hinged doors. The pivoting mechanism creates an inherently sturdier, more robust entryway, and when closed, the heavy doors lack the weak points that burglars often exploit on standard doors.

The company's solid wood pivot doors have high durability, with door panels measuring 2.5 inches thick, allowing them to withstand years of daily use and environmental exposure while maintaining structural integrity.

If you prefer an aluminum construction, the aluminum pivot doors incorporate thermal breaks that reduce heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency. At nearly 3 inches thick, the panels provide additional security coupled with a sleek aesthetic, and they have a cam lock system allowing easy access to glazing clips and glass for simple adjustments and maintenance.

Why not upgrade to a premium option?

Panda also offers the premium Voyage Select pivot door line, recognized as Window + Door Magazine's "Most Innovative Entry Door" for 2022. These doors reach heights up to 24 feet and widths spanning 10 feet, with 15 unique designs to complement any architectural style.

A spokesperson states: "Inspired by exotic locations, our line of custom contemporary pivot doors are the perfect mix of modern design and highly engineered durability."

If you're thinking that a pivot door would be perfect for your entryway, then you're only a click away from transforming your home!

Check out https://www.panda-windows.com/panda-tuval-steel-doors-and-windows/ for the full details on all of the available options!

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