Los Angeles Single-Phase Reefer Containers Protect Temperature-Sensitive Goods

May 29, 2024

Whether shipping ice cream across the country or storing biological samples for a lab, Conexwest’s (855 878-5233) 20ft Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers are the cold storage solutions you need!

Want to ensure your temperature-sensitive goods make it to their destination safe and sound? Then you should consider renting one of Conexwest's 20ft Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers! The units are capable of maintaining temperatures anywhere from 0°F to 38°F thanks to their 208-230 V 30 Amp power sources, making them suitable storage and shipping solutions for perishable items like seafood, meat, produce, and pharmaceuticals.

Go to https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container/rent-20ft-single-phase-refrigerated-container to learn more about the units!

All The Power You Need

Though anyone can rent the containers, Conexwest designed them specifically for individuals and businesses without access to three-phase power. “No matter your budget or infrastructure you deserve shipping and storage solutions that are reliable and versatile,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Our containers keep the right temperature, protect your goods, and reduce energy expenses.”

Magical Inside

Inside the containers are several features meant to help with temperature regulation, including automated systems, cooling sensors, plastic air curtains, electrical defrost strips, and inner air circulation door switches. The interiors also have flat floors and interior time-delay lighting, both of which make navigating the units much easier.

Safe & Secure Outside

The shells of the containers are made of high-strength corten steel lined with 3” insulated foam, and they are fitted with leak-proof easy-open doors that are secured into place using heavy-duty locking rods. In the unlikely event that someone gets stuck inside your container, they also have emergency exit tabs within that release the locking mechanisms and open the doors.

Take Your Container To Another Level

To personalize your refrigerated storage container a bit more, Conexwest offers several accessories that you can add to your rental. For example, if you frequently use dollies to transport goods in and out of your container, they can equip it with a ramp for easier access. Similarly, if your goods need to be demarcated to prevent cross-contamination, they can install shelves, dividers, and other hardware.

Rent Yours Today

Conexwest rents its 20ft Single-Phase Refrigerated Containers out for a standard rate of $1,350/4 weeks; however, you can get a customized quote by calling the number in the description or by visiting the website below. Fees include both delivery and pick-up of the unit, as well as access to troubleshooting services.

“My business is constantly shipping dairy products, so we always have a couple of Conexwest’s refrigerated containers on hand to store items until they’re ready for dispatch,” said a satisfied customer. “Controlling the temperatures within the containers is easy thanks to their digital interfaces. They’re also very spacious, which is helpful when you deal with as much product on a daily basis as we do. I would highly recommend them.”

Get a free, no-obligation quote by visiting https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container/rent-20ft-single-phase-refrigerated-container

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