Los Angeles Refrigerated Shipping Container Rental For Food Product Storage

Jun 24, 2024

Keep perishable cargo fresh, no matter where you’re picking it up. Conexwest (855 878-5233), a trusted name in standard and modified shipping containers in Los Angeles, rents and sells customized single-phase shipping containers designed to meet your specialized cold storage needs.

Imagine you’re shipping delicate fruits from a remote orchard straight to a distribution center, and there’s no power infrastructure for you to connect your container to. What happens to all that delicate cargo needing temperature-controlled refrigeration?

Conexwest has the solution. As part of their vast array of standard and modified shipping and storage containers the company customizes single-phase 20ft and 40ft refrigerated shipping containers designed to maintain optimal conditions for your most sensitive cargo. Learn more about their customized single-phase refrigerated containers and discover why so many businesses trust Conexwest for their specialized storage needs at https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container/20ft-single-phase-refrigerated-container


Customized single-phase refrigerated shipping containers provide an efficient solution for temperature-controlled storage and transportation in places where three-phase power isn't available. These containers are engineered to reach the lowest temperature possible (-20°F) ensuring your cargo remains in perfect condition.

Whether you're shipping delicate strawberries, finicky avocados, dairy products, meat or seafood, florals or pharmaceuticals, Conexwest is here to ensure your needs are met with precision.


Single-phase refrigerated shipping containers provide a practical and efficient solution for temperature-controlled storage and transportation in environments where three-phase power is not available. This means you enjoy increased flexibility, cost savings, and reliable performance.

Conexwest offers a range of customization options, making these containers ideal for residential, rural, or small commercial settings. They're perfect if you need reliable refrigeration without a hefty investment in electrical infrastructure upgrades.

A spokesperson for Conexwest explains:

“Conexwest is a ground-breaking, large-scale supplier of standard and modified storage and shipping containers in an array of sizes, many of which were designed at our own fabrication facility. Our single-phase refrigerated shipping containers are portable, convenient, and highly versatile, making them ideal for cargo in any setting.”


Conexwest offers a wide variety of shipping container options to fit a range of needs across all business tiers, from budget-conscious startups to established companies. Examples include containers with different access points, required flat racks, and the company’s own Conexramp. You can also design your own container using their free online ConexBuilder tool.

Home to a massive nationwide inventory, Conexwest can offer highly competitive rates on both new and gently used containers. And they don't just rent and sell containers; they also provide end-to-end services, delivering your container directly to your worksite, picking up rentals, and providing maintenance if needed.

With their innovative approach to customer-focused services, Conexwest is setting the standard in their industry. The company’s commitment to quality, versatility, and custom additions has made them a trusted name among corporate giants that include PG & E, Chevron, UBER, and Google. And they're here to help you too.

Looking for specialized refrigerated storage solutions in Los Angeles? Get an instant online estimate from Conexwest, and submit your custom requests directly through their website.

Never risk compromising on your cargo's freshness, no matter where you'll be picking it up when you partner with Conexwest. Learn more at https://www.conexwest.com

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