Los Angeles Reefers & Cold Storage: Get Climate-Controlled Shipping Containers

Jun 5, 2024

If your company is in the business of shipping and storing perishable goods, then you should be keeping them in some of Conexwest’s (888-759-0596) portable climate-controlled shipping containers!

Imagine being an ice cream company and having hundreds or even thousands of your ice cream pails melt in transit all at once — that's a lot of time, money, and effort down the drain! To prevent this outcome from happening requires a reliable cold storage solution, and when it comes to providing them, Conexwest is one of the best in the business! Their climate-controlled storage containers and reefer units all feature built-in cooling systems with advanced temperature controls. To protect the items within them, they also have enhanced security measures, including heavy-duty cargo doors with locking rods and covered padlock boxes.

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No Ordinary Shipping Containers

Conexwest has designed its climate-controlled shipping containers to be able to store all kinds of temperature-sensitive items for extended periods, from meat and seafood to pharmaceuticals and biological specimens. The containers are fabricated from durable materials like corten steel and aluminum sheeting, so they’re able to withstand any adverse weather conditions they encounter.

“Our climate-controlled containers will keep your perishable goods safe and sound during their long journeys across seas, roads, and railways,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “The containers vary in size, as well as in the temperatures that they can sustain, and all of them can be further customized to fit your requirements.”

Now That Is Cold!

If you need only moderate cooling capabilities you have three options to choose from. Conexwest’s 20ft and 40ft 408-480 V containers utilize three-phase power supplies, while their 20ft 208-230 V container relies on just a single-phase supply. All three can maintain inner temperatures as low as -20°F and as high as 70°F.

Conexwest’s coldest shipping containers are its 20ft and 40ft Blast Freezers, Deep Freezers, and Super Freezers, which have inner temperature ranges of -76°F to 30°F. All of these containers have three-phase power supplies as well as adjustable evaporator fans, which enable them to reach their desired temperatures faster than other refrigerated units.

But Wait...There's More!

In addition to their temperature-regulating systems, Conexwest's climate-controlled containers have several other useful features. For example, their walls have ports for electrical and plumbing integration if you require these services. They also have fail-safes built-in like door-release buttons, so nobody ever gets trapped within one of the units. Conexwest gives you the option to add things like shelves, ramps, and dividers to your containers as well.

"I rented a 40ft Blast Freezer shipping container from Conexwest, and it did everything I needed it do and more,” said a satisfied customer. “Not only did it provide ample space for storing and freezing our perishable goods during transit, but its efficiency exceeded our expectations, ensuring our products remained fresh throughout the journey. Conexwest's reliable service and top-notch equipment made our entire shipping experience seamless and worry-free. I would highly recommend them for your cold storage needs."

Go to https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container/20ft-single-phase-refrigerated-container to get a free, no-obligation quote today.

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