Los Angeles Large Lift & Slide Doors: Get A Luxury Design For Your New Home

Jun 11, 2024

Los Angeles’ preeminent door makers, Panda Windows & Doors (888-246-1651), have the highest quality doors in the city. If you want a bespoke, floor-to-ceiling custom door that truly elevates your home, ask about their new Lift & Slide Door systems.

If you commission one of Panda Windows & Doors’ new Lift & Slide Door systems today, you’ll have a stunning luxury door for a lifetime.

See how their innovative Lift & Slide Door systems are transforming homes and creating a seamless flow between the indoors and the outdoors at https://www.panda-windows.com/lift-and-slide-doors/

The Highest Quality Door For Your Home

Panda Windows & Doors has designed and crafted their new Lift & Slide Door systems with grand Los Angeles homes in mind. These innovative door systems aim to give you the best exterior views and access, combined with the best design aesthetics, durability, useability and security... plus a total luxury feel.

Their bespoke Lift & Slide Door systems operate on a proprietary system of levers and wheels, which gives them a unique way of gliding open. Specifically designed with large floor-to-ceiling glass doors in mind, this sophisticated system aims to give you a perfectly smooth and even opening and closing every time you use the door.

The luxury door makers said in their own words, “Panda’s expert engineering utilizing lightweight 6063-T6 aluminum makes our Lift & Slide Door systems extremely durable and optimally weather-resistant even after repetitive, daily use. Our unique, proprietary design creates a smooth, almost ‘weightless’ sensation when opening and closing – even when individual panels weigh more than 1,000 lbs each.”

A Custom Build Just For You

As Panda Windows & Doors crafts all of their doors in their boutique factory, they can also customize their new Lift & Slide Door systems to suit your wants and needs. Beyond size specifications, Panda can offer you a range of finishes, like powder-coat in various colors and wood cladding in a range of popular species like oak and mahogany.

Their spokesperson added, “Our engineers can customize our Lift & Slide doors to meet almost any architectural design feature, including radius or ‘curved’ options, multi-directional designs, thermally broken, and hurricane-rated ‘impact’ systems.”

Bring Your New Home To Life

Panda Windows & Doors particularly recommends one of their new Lift & Slide Door systems if you are having a new home built, as they have a distinctly modern aesthetic and can set the tone for your entire indoor-outdoor flow.

If you're not doing a rebuild but a renovation, you can also have one retrofitted into your current home, and the Panda team can collaborate with your architects and contractors to ensure that your new Lift & Slide Door system will become a truly beautiful and perfectly fitted fixture.

Panda Windows & Doors, For The Most Bespoke Doors In LA

In addition to Lift & Slide Door systems, Panda creates an extensive range of innovative and award-winning doors you’re sure to a-door like their popular pivot doors, folding doors, and multi-slide doors.

If you’re not a homeowner but a representative for a commercial client, they also encourage you to reach out.

Whatever kind of door you’re dreaming of, Panda Windows & Doors can build it for you in the highest quality.

Explore their full range at https://www.panda-windows.com/

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