Los Angeles Hurricane-Resistant Lift & Slide Doors Ensure Safety During Storms

Jun 19, 2024

With Panda Windows & Doors (+1-702-643-5700) you can customize your ideal entrance door, choosing from sleek pivot designs, lift and slide options, and more!

Your front door sets the tone for your home, and is the first impression that guests have when they visit – but choosing the right style is also about security and protection. With Panda Windows & Doors, you can create eye-catching designs that talk the talk and walk the walk!

Create your custom doors at https://www.panda-windows.com/

Doors inspired by exotic locations

Lift and slide doors are designed to enhance the natural lighting of the room within, with glass panels up to 100 square feet. The Voyage Select pivot doors have a minimalist look and feel, with customization options inspired by exotic locations around the world - such as Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and Ibiza.

Panda Windows & Doors explains that its lift and slide options are engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, and provide exceptional protection against hurricanes, heavy rain, and debris. They also have advanced sealing technology, helping to ensure the safety and security of any building.

Increase energy efficiency

In addition to their superior weather resistance, the lift and slide doors feature thermal break options, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat transfer.

The pivot doors are equipped with hidden self-closing hardware, providing effortless operation and a sleek, modern appearance. The concealed multi-point locking mechanism enhances security against forced entry, and because pivot doors are not restricted by traditional hinges, you can get heavier panels to make an architectural statement.

To further accommodate a wide range of design requirements, the pivot doors can be customized with sidelites, transom windows, and bespoke panel profiles, allowing you to create truly unique entrances that blend with the overall style of the building.

The best, most durable designs

Before packaging and delivery, each door system undergoes rigorous testing at Panda Windows & Doors' state-of-the-art facilities. They are mounted on a test wall and subjected to multiple cycles of operation, ensuring that by the time they're delivered to customers, they are as functional as they are beautiful.

A spokesperson states: "Today, Panda offers more than 80 high-quality systems including folding doors, lift and slides, horizontal wall systems, pivot doors, french doors, multi-slides, retractable screens, the PandaSelect line, and more. Our systems have been installed in scenic destinations around the world."

If you're looking for the very best in modern, sleek door designs for your LA home, call Panda Windows & Doors today!

Check out https://www.panda-windows.com/about/ to design your dream residential entry door – with a huge range of options to choose from!

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