Los Angeles Custom Luxury Pivot Doors Are Light, Easy To Use & Easy To Install

May 28, 2024

Los Angeles’ Panda Windows & Doors (888-246-1651) has a new selection of statement pivot doors that are light and easy to use despite their grand scale.

If you’re looking for a door that really sets the tone for your home’s entire design scheme and turns your entryway into a special space within your home, you want one of Panda Windows & Doors’ new pivot doors.

View their complete range of custom doors at https://www.panda-windows.com/residential/pivot-doors/

Light & Easy Pivot Doors

Panda Windows & Doors’ new line of pivot doors are perfect for you if you have a luxury, bespoke home and you want to turn your front door into an architectural design feature.

The custom door makers have designed their new selection of pivot doors using lightweight materials like aluminum and wood to give you a door that is light and easy to open while still being aesthetically pleasing, secure, insulating, and durable.

You can now choose their ‘floating’ doors with or without surface sills and they have a sophisticated pivoting mechanism that creates a weightless gliding effect as they open. Like traditional doors, these new designs can be opened comfortably to 90 degrees and will ‘float’ safely in place once opened.

Create A Custom Door That’s Just Your Style

As Panda Windows & Doors works exclusively with windows and doors, they can help you to create a completely custom pivot door and they have flexible design options with an extensive list of finishes, colors and accents all available to you.

A spokesperson for the custom door makers said, “Panda Windows & Doors has the best options if you’re looking for a new entryway door. Becoming more popular in recent years, residential luxury pivot doors are one of the most intriguing door designs. Typically used in doorway areas that are larger than normal-size home entrances, our pivot doors can be very large, and are available in custom sizes just for you.”

As both door and window specialists, the design team at Panda Windows & Doors can also create a complete front door concept for you that features a bespoke pivot door alongside sidelight and/or transom windows in a complementary style.

Experience The Premium Quality Of Panda Windows & Doors

Panda Windows & Doors prides themselves on only working with the highest quality materials and thermally broken energy-efficient frames, and they make all their doors in their boutique workshop in Las Vegas.

They encourage you to see how you can turn your front door into a masterpiece of form and function by opting for one of their Window + Door magazine award-winning luxury pivot doors.

Their spokesperson added, “Our light and easy pivot doors make a bold statement that inspires warmth, creativity, and innovation while delivering timeless functional art and sophistication.”

Turn your front door into something grand with Panda, at https://www.panda-windows.com/

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