Los Angeles Custom Lift & Slide Doors For Luxury Homes Are Made With Aluminum

Jun 11, 2024

Panda Windows & Doors (+1-702-643-5700) can create your dream doors – for both exterior and interior renovation work. If you’re looking for the ultimate lift and slide designs, get in touch!

Looking to upgrade your home with custom lift and slide doors in Los Angeles? Panda Windows & Doors is a leading designer in the space, and helps you create your ideal look, whether you want to open up rooms to allow for more expansive and immersive parties, or get the best weather-resistant door to protect against the elements!

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Versatile doors, done your way

Panda Windows & Doors explains that its versatile lift and slide options can support panels up to 100 square feet in size, improving natural lighting and allowing for better airflow.

The company uses 6063-T6 aluminum for its strength and lightweight properties, which allows for easier operation of larger panel sizes, and this also contributes to the doors' long-term performance and reliability.

A system of levers and wheels enables each panel to be securely positioned on the bottom track, while double v-gaskets placed at the top, bottom, and sides of the glass panels form a seal against air and water intrusion. This provides insulation and protection from the elements, which can lead to improved comfort and energy efficiency within the home.

Complement your property style

Panda Windows & Doors offers a wide variety of powder-coated and faux wood finishes for its lift and slide doors, allowing you to choose the right look to complement any decor - with options ranging from modern and minimalist to traditional and classic.

To ensure optimal functionality, each fully assembled lift and slide door system undergoes testing prior to packaging. This process involves mounting the doors on a test wall and operating them multiple times to verify smooth operation and proper alignment - part of the company's commitment to quality control and customer service.

The best LA custom doors

In addition to its latest range of lift and slide doors, Panda Windows & Doors offers a variety of other options both for interior and exterior doors, including pivot doors, French doors, folding doors, multi-slide doors, horizontal sliding walls, and operable windows.

A company representative states: "Panda engineers can customize lift and slide doors to meet almost any architectural design feature, including radius or curved options, multi-directional designs, or thermally broken options for enhanced energy efficiency."

Customizable lift and slide doors are the perfect addition to any home in LA!

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