Looking For A Quality Fohse Alternative? Check Out This LED Grow Light Brand

May 22, 2024

Indoor growing is both an artform and a science – either way you need the right tools to create the best yield. For a lusher crop this year, turn to Superior LED Technologies – the next generation of grow lights.

Need LED grow lighting systems? Looking for increased efficiency, performance, and durability?

Take your indoor horticulture to a whole new level with Superior LED Technologies – the next generation of lighting tech for a new crop of growers. More details at https://SuperiorLEDTech.com

Happy Harvesting

The range is simply the best way to improve your crop yields. According to the company, the full spectrum LED grow lighting products can increase your harvesting volume by as much as 50%. With a power range between 340 and 1050 watts, you can find a model with the appropriate output for your needs.

Full Control

The Superior LED Technologies grow lighting systems are all dimmable, giving you full control over the growth arc of your chosen plants. The company can advise you on the most beneficial color spectrums to use for different stages of growth.

Energy Efficient

“As utility rates are set to continually rise, it's time to control that line item on the P&L,” a spokesperson says. “Some things are out of your control, but choosing the most efficient full spectrum LED grow lighting systems for your operation is not.”

The product range has been third-party tested, revealing typical energy savings between 50 and 75%.

Superior Peak 340w

The Superior Peak 340w is a full spectrum LED grow light designed to encourage vegetative growth. With a blue-rich color spectrum, this model helps to stimulate chlorophyll production, generating healthy leaves and stems. This industry-leading grow light features cryo-therm cooling technology which maximizes airflow and minimizes microclimates while retaining a slim form factor. A worthy addition to your growing setup.

Superior Peak 680w

The Superior Peak 680w provides the new LED standard for 1:1 1000W DE HPS replacements. This model offers you energy efficiency – using up to 36% less power than comparable products – and long-lasting performance and reliability. The 680w light also features cryo-therm cooling technology and is optimized for single or multi-tier cultivation.

840w & 1050w

The range also includes the Superior Peak 840w which delivers 38% more photons and savings of over 20% in terms of energy consumption compared to a DE 1000W HPS system. 

Superior LED Technologies' 1050 model takes performance to industry-leading levels with 73% more output and 60% more photons per watt than a DE 1 000W HPS system while weighing as much as 50% less than rival models. This product is designed and optimized for high-intensity cultivation and if you're using wider-spaced growing layouts.

Free Consultation

You can book a free consultation with one of the company's advisors to discuss which products will prove most suitable for your needs. 

If you're serious about growing, you need a serious kit. Choose Superior LED Technologies for a happier harvest!

For more info, go to https://SuperiorLEDTech.com

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