Long-Lasting Knee Pain, Stiffness Treatment From London’s Top Arthrosamid Clinic

Feb 23, 2024

Get relief for your knees, that works. MSK Doctors (0330-001-0048) in London is offering Arthrosamid, a new treatment that keeps on lubricating and cushioning your knee for years to come, with just a single injection. You don’t even need a referral from your GP.

When your knees are hurting, and nothing seems to be doing the trick - it might be time to try something new.

We've all been there, using the traditional knee injection options to provide some temporary relief, and hoping it won't wear off too soon. It always does wear off though, and always too soon.

What If It Lasted Longer?

Haven't you ever wished there was something similar, sharing all the same benefits - but with longer-lasting effects? I'm not just getting your hopes up, there's a new option called Arthrosamid, and I think it's everything we've been looking for in a knee treatment.

I'll load you up with all the details, but full disclosure, I'm not a specialist or doctor. If you would rather get your information directly from a specialist, well I don't blame you. Here's my source of information, the MSK Doctors clinic in London, one of the first approved to provide this treatment in the UK. Get all the details at https://mskdoctors.com/treatments/arthrosamid

The reason I get my information from MSK Doctors is because they were one of the first clinics offering this technique, so they have more experience than most other clinics, and they let anyone book an appointment, with no referral. Before you can schedule though, let's talk about why you want to.

You might be thinking that Arthrosamid is just another knee injection, but you're wrong. It's similar, that's true, but there's one very important difference. Arthrosamid is not biodegradable.

That's a lot more important than you might think, so let me explain.

While knee injection treatments have become common for conditions such as osteoarthritis, these "traditional treatments" are known to only provide pain relief for several weeks or months. That's good, but it could be a lot better because you can't get a new injection every few weeks.

Arthrosamid is a little different, and the treatment has been proven effective in clinical trials for periods of up to 2 years⁽¹⁾, offering relief from pain and stiffness, without causing any major side effects. (Don't worry, I'll share my sources for the clinical trials at the end of this blog.)

I don't need to tell you that pain and stiffness relief lasting 2 years is a lot better than a few weeks - but I will tell you this: that's not even the best part.

It's Only The Beginning

The relief lasts 2 years in clinical trials, but it could be much longer - the trials checking pain relief just haven't been long enough yet. 2 years wasn't when the pain returned, it was when the trial ended.

This is because while a traditional knee injection uses biocompatible materials that are eventually absorbed by the body, Arthrosamid takes the opposite approach, with materials that cannot be easily absorbed. Of course, Arthrosamid has been in clinical trials for over 20 years and has been proven to be both safe and effective, but those longer and earlier trials were concerned about safety, not effective pain relief duration.

So, sure - it could last for a long time, but how effective is it?

I wouldn't want to have a longer-lasting treatment if it was only half as effective.

Let's Compare The Important Factors

The good news is, that's not going to be a problem. In clinical trials, Arthrosamid didn't just outlast the traditional options, it also improved by most other metrics too.

Pain reduction? Improved.

Stiffness prevention? Improved.

Physical function? Also improved⁽²⁾.

Of course, it's not all sunshine and roses - there are some minor, and temporary side effects, but forgive me if I tell you, they're nothing compared to how your knees probably feel already.

In fact, I'm guessing they're nearly the exact side effects you would get if someone poked you in the knee with a needle, no matter what was in it.

The most commonly reported side effects include temporary pain, swelling, or redness at the injection site, which typically fades within a few hours or days after the treatment. Luckily, all the pain, stiffness, and frustration at not being able to use your knee easily, also fade in the next week as the treatment sets in.

Like I said though, I'm no specialist - even though I do have two knees of my own.

Find The Right Specialist, Easy

If you want your information straight from the doctor's mouth, and you should, then I suggest checking out the systematic review written by Prof. Paul Lee. He's the founder of MSK Doctors, a specialist in conditions of the hip and knee, and one of the first UK clinicians approved to offer Arthrosamid.

His review explains everything, from what to expect and how to book an appointment, to what it should cost, and how to tell if you're suitable for an Arthrosamid injection.

Or you could do things the easy way, and just book an appointment. There's no referral necessary, and no waitlist. Just click Book Online, and fill in the form.

Get all the details, straight from the experts - visit https://mskdoctors.com/doctors/paul-lee/articles/addressing-knee-pain-with-arthrosamid-common-concerns-and-solutions

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