Long Island Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Hair Growth Procedure

Jul 10, 2024

Reclaim your confidence with the minimally invasive FUE hair transplant procedure by Dr. Keith Durante at MyHairNY.com (631-620-2020) in Long Island, New York!

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you’ll be glad to know they’ve come a long way since the hair plugs of the past. With a background in microsurgery, Long Island’s leading hair restoration expert at MyHairNy.com, Dr. Keith Durante, offers the FUE procedure – a game-changer for natural-looking hair growth results! It's minimally invasive, leaves no noticeable scars, and doesn’t require lengthy downtime either!

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Precision Harvesting

In contrast to traditional strip harvesting methods, the FUE hair transplant procedure at MyHairNY.com involves extracting individual hair follicles directly from a donor area, (usually the back of the scalp). These healthy follicles are transplanted into areas experiencing thinning or baldness, leaving no linear scarring. Dr. Durante highlights that this is especially beneficial if you wear your hair short, as you don’t have to worry about visible scars.

Not only does FUE hair restoration offer a more comfortable experience but the individual implanted follicles mimic your original growth patterns for natural, seamless results. “A skilled surgeon can create hairlines and density that blend seamlessly with existing hair, making it difficult to distinguish the transplant from natural hair,” Dr. Keith Durante said.

Quick Recovery

Another advantage of FUE is its reduced downtime, making it a convenient option if you have a busy lifestyle. The absence of large incisions and sutures means less post-operative discomfort and lower risk of complications. You can also return to normal activities within just a few days!

FUE Hair Transplants are Versatile 

Alongside addressing various degrees of male and female hair loss, FUE can be applied to areas beyond the scalp: at MyHairNY.com you can receive the treatment for beard and eyebrow enhancement and for body hair transplant.

Owing to its precision, FUE boasts a high survival rate for transplanted hair: the clinic states that “with proper post-operative care, patients can expect significant and lasting improvements in hair density and coverage.”

In line with his commitment to patient care, Dr. Durante provides detailed after-care instructions and ongoing support. In addition, he offers guidance on scalp care, vitamins, and topical medications to promote healthy hair growth.

About MyHairNY.com

Originally a surgeon, Dr. Keith Durante completed a micro-vascular fellowship under Dr. Lester R. Sauvage before transitioning into hair restoration and embracing the FUE technique. Previous patients, including a road accident survivor in need of a scar revision solution, have experienced great success with the procedure and commend Dr. Durante for his extensive knowledge and patient-centered approach.

“I consider meeting Dr. Keith Durante one of the luckier days of my life,” said former patient Brad. “I had always been embarrassed by my hair loss, but Dr. Durante answered my questions with an incredible amount of patience and grace, making me feel extremely comfortable moving forward with the procedure. He lays out a detailed aftercare plan and remains available for his patients nearly any time day or night. I consider him someone who has changed my life.”

To start your hair growth journey with the FUE procedure today, call MyHairNY.com at 631-620-2020!

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