Long Beach High-Profile Media Content: Leverage Authority Of Top News Sites

Jun 13, 2024

With their unique content marketing solution, Cloudtech Digital can feature your Long Beach business on leading media outlets, like Business Insider and AP, boosting your online visibility and reputation.

Leveraging The Authority Of Major Platforms

Despite many denials, a recent leak of Google documents showed that the platform does consider website reputation – called ‘site authority.’ Cloudtech Digital can feature your Long Beach business on leading media outlets, boosting your visibility with Google.

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Your campaign will be published on over 350 websites, including top news platforms like Business Insider, AP, and Google News. That not only increases the visibility of the content itself, but also has a positive impact on the authority of your own website.

A team of professional writers leads the creation of your content, which will include articles, videos, infographics, and slideshows. Cloudtech Digital can also focus on specific keywords and/or locations, such as Long Beach, to further enhance your search visibility.

“With years of experience in the digital marketing world, we stay up to date with all the latest technology and tools needed for success,” John Hardiman, owner of Cloudtech Digital, explained. “Content marketing is only effective if it’s visible and connects with your audience, and that’s exactly what our unique new service is designed to do.”

Google & Domain Authority

A recent major leak of Google API documents, which the platform has since confirmed as being authentic, revealed several insights into the factors that influence website ranking. While the platform had previously denied that ‘domain authority’ plays a role, the leak confirmed that it does consider the authority of a website, alongside several other ‘quality’ elements.

Cloudtech Digital explains that its content marketing service leverages ‘domain authority’ on several levels. In the first case, the publication of content on well-known websites is aimed at increasing the likelihood that the materials, themselves, will be visible for specific keyword searches. Further, you can have your own websites backlinked in the content, which has a flow-on effect on the authority and ranking of your site.

About Cloudtech Digital

Founded by online entrepreneur John Hardiman five years ago, Cloudtech Digital allows other business owners to access many years of digital marketing experience. John stays abreast of some of the latest techniques and technologies, and the new content marketing solution is an example of the agency’s cutting-edge approach.

“The team at Cloudtech Digital couldn’t have been more helpful,” one client recently stated. “They are thorough professionals with no hard selling, just honest and impartial support to help elevate your online marketing efforts. I can highly recommend working with them.”

For high-authority content marketing the delivers measurable results, contact the specialists at Cloudtech Digital.

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