Long Beach, CA Lingerie Boutique Offers Professional Bra Fitting For Perfect Fit

Dec 16, 2023

Check out this comprehensive bra fitting guide by a luxury lingerie boutique in Long Beach, CA, Lucy’s Boudoir (866-523-2084). The guide lists everything you need to know to get the right bra for the right occasion.

If your cup is only half full, you may need a different bra.

Don’t worry, this lingerie store will keep you a-breast of everything you need to know.

The only support you need is from your bra

Lucy’s Boudoir, an intimate apparel boutique, publishes a new guide for women called, "10 Types of Bras for Ultimate Comfort and Support: Find Your Perfect Fit".

This guide will help you choose the right underwear for your breast shape and size. Crystal Rogers, who leads the team, explains that many women remain confused about their bra size and how to choose the right fit.

Read the guide now at https://www.lucysboudoir.com/blogs/latest/10-types-of-bras-for-ultimate-comfort-and-support/

Are you wearing the wrong bra?

The new guide describes several reasons why many women are wearing the wrong bra size. The most common one is that bra sizes are not standardized among stores. Crystal says that bra sizes can differ between brands, and women tend to stick with the size of their first bra, regardless of the brand they're choosing from.

Sound familiar? A lot of us think our breasts will stay the same size throughout our lives, but it’s not as simple as that.

We change. Our bodies change. And most importantly, brands change.

How to find the right bra for you

The best way to find the right bra fit is to have your breasts measured in the store. This allows professional fitters to provide accurate and appropriate suggestions. The team at Lucy’s Boudoir also speaks with you about the purpose of your intended bra.

Today, there are different types of bras for various outfits and uses. A sports bra, for example, would have wider cup coverage and a tighter fit to maximize workout routines. However, the fit would not look good with a low-cut evening dress.

Conversely, a delicate lace strapless bra would not give you the support you need if you were going to workout.

About Lucy’s Boudoir

The professional lingerie store is dedicated to helping women fit the right bra for their needs and budget. With its newly published guide, it hopes to help more women feel more confident. Lucy’s Boudoir carries all types of intimate apparel, from bras to shapewear.

Crystal writes, "A well-fitting bra is one of best investments a woman can make to change the way she looks and feels. It is the principal agent in every woman's wardrobe, and what puts the finishing touches on every outfit. We are proud to be one of the leading specialty boutiques in California with proven success in solving even the most complicated bra issues. We have your size. If we don't stock it, we can source it."

Go to https://www.lucysboudoir.com/blogs/latest/10-types-of-bras-for-ultimate-comfort-and-support/ so you can learn more.

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