London Private Hospital For Bikini DAA Hip Replacement With Minimal Scarring

Dec 1, 2023

Did you know that it’s possible to get a total hip replacement, with practically no scarring? All you need is an experienced surgeon who’s trained in the Bikini method, like the specialists at MSK Doctors in London (03300010048). You don’t even need a referral.

Ten years ago, if somebody had told me that it was possible to get a total hip replacement with practically no scarring - I would have laughed right in their faces.

Then I would have apologised, and asked them to direct me to these miracle workers - because it just wasn't an option back then, it was barely even a dream.

Now, well, things have changed - for the better.

With a little planning and the right experts, it's not only possible, it's almost easy.

Of course, you won't find this option at your standard corner clinic - but a private clinic like MSK Doctors in London will not only offer it, but they'll have experienced specialists who are well-practiced in all the newest techniques.

In fact, MSK Doctors is my personal first choice, for 4 very important reasons.

First, they have specialists in all of the newest techniques, including both the Bikini and SPAIRE hip replacement procedures, so you've got options.

If you want to know what the difference is between the two techniques, and how to pick which one is right for you, just browse this quick comparison put together by the MSK Doctors team, at

The second reason they're my favourite, is because they don't just hire anyone, they have a top-tier team of specialists, and it shows in their results. When you get a total hip replacement from MSK Doctors, you can go home within 24 hours, with reduced mobility restrictions.

Should I keep going? The third reason is because their founder, Prof. Paul Lee, is a hip replacement wizard - he's trained, experienced, and skilled at all the options, and that's very important if your goal is to reduce scarring.

Using the new Bikini technique, Prof. Lee can perform a complete hip replacement while significantly reducing the scarring and improving your recovery time.

Here's the big one though - in studies on this new technique, they found one thing above all influenced how minimal the scarring ended up, and how few complications there were. The more experienced the surgeon, the better the results - no surprise, right?

Well, Prof. Lee is about as experienced as they come in these new techniques - he even trained at the renowned Exeter Hip Unit, and hips and knees are his specialty.

I won't name any names, but a bit of Googling would show you that he's known for treating some pretty big celebrities too, including Olympic athletes.

If you're less concerned about the scarring, and just want to get back on your feet fast - then maybe skip the Bikini technique and ask about the SPAIRE procedure, but either way, MSK Doctors will have you back on your feet, literally, in no time.

If you're not sure which option is best for you - that's no problem, just ask an expert.

Which brings up the fourth reason they're my favourite. The MSK Doctors clinic doesn't believe in GP referrals or waiting lists, they only believe in giving you the best care, right now.

That's why they never require a referral, and never put you on a waiting list. If you want to see one of their specialists, just make an appointment, it's easy.

You can call them up at 03300010048, or visit their website and book online - and that's it. That's the hardest part done, already.

Of course, your appointment probably won't be for today, right now, so while you have a little bit of time left, you might as well get prepared for your consultation, right?

You can learn more about the Bikini technique, all the specialists at MSK Doctors, and everything else you need to know, at

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