London Private Clinic: Hip Replacement DAA Surgery For Fast Healing & Mobility

May 7, 2024

If your hip isn’t doing what it should – why not get one that will? Sometimes, the only way to alleviate hip stiffness and pain is to replace it, and MSK Doctors can help. Find out about the latest surgical techniques, and their benefits.

The number one reason for hip replacement surgery isn't because hips mysteriously go missing - it's because sometimes they cause pain, stiffness, and discomfort, that can't be alleviated by any other means.

If that sounds familiar to you, maybe you should consider talking to a specialist. I'll fill you in on all the details first, but you can also book an appointment with a hip specialist, any time, with no GP referral, at

I know, I haven't told you anything groundbreaking yet - but we're just getting started. If you're in the market for a new hip, there are a few things that you need to know first, like where to find the best experts, what your surgical options are, and how they differ.

Let's Talk Options

The "standard hip replacement surgery" of the past, is just that - in the past.

We can do so much better now, using advanced techniques, tools, and practices, you would be amazed at how much things have changed for the better.

In particular, there are two new techniques you should know about, so let's take them one at a time. They're known as SPAIRE and Bikini, and they each have their own unique benefits.

I'll SPAIRE No Details

When it comes to the SPAIRE technique, there are a lot of benefits - but there's really only one thing that you actually need to know... maybe two things.

The first is this: If your primary concern is getting back on your feet with your full range of motion, SPAIRE is the way to go. You will literally be able to practice standing and walking with crutches almost as soon as your surgery is over.

Within 24 hours after your operation, you'll be headed home with minimal pain, a brand-new hip, and absolutely no mobility restrictions. You can bend, twist, rotate, or dance if it suits your fancy - although I would suggest being careful still, for a few days at least.

The surgical team adds a lot of strength and stability to your hip joint while it's healing, by not cutting the important muscles and tendons surrounding it - but it's still okay to take it easy for a little while.

Showing Off Your Bikini

You can see the SPAIRE technique has a lot to offer, but what about Bikini, what makes it special?

Well, to begin with, it has most but not all of the same benefits as the SPAIRE technique, like reduced blood loss, a more stable hip during recovery, reduced pain, and a faster recovery.

Where it differs is important though, if you're worried about having a visible scar - because the Bikini technique can reduce, eliminate, or hide it.

While it probably won't disappear entirely, an experienced surgeon can hide the scar inside of your hip line, where it's invisible for all intents and purposes.

That's the key though - an experienced surgeon.

A little tip I picked up along the way: This is still a relatively new technique, and while it's been proven again and again in clinical trials, many surgeons aren't very experienced with it yet.

If you want the absolute best results, as far as scar reduction, then make sure your surgeon has experience with this particular technique, not just something similar. Or, just ask for Prof. Paul Lee, at MSK Doctors.

Top Care From Top Surgeons

How, when, and where you schedule your hip surgery is your business, of course, but I do have a tip or two to make things go a little smoother - if you're interested.

Firstly, Prof. Paul Lee is a specialist in both techniques, and in conditions of the hip and knees. He also helped to perfect some of the latest techniques while they were still in the clinical trial stage, when we was working at the renowned Exeter Hip Unit.

If you want to make sure you get the best surgical option for you, start by talking to a specialist. Tell them what you're looking for, whether it's a fast recovery, an invisible scar, or a return to full mobility - and they'll find the best fit for your goals, and personal anatomy.

Just don't wait, because it's not going to magically heal itself - and you deserve a full, mobile, happy life.

You can learn all about the individual surgical techniques, the benefits of SPAIRE vs Bikini, and how to schedule your own appointment with no referral, and no waiting list, at

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