London Musculoskeletal Clinic: Fast Ultrasound For Knee Injuries, No Referral

Jul 20, 2023

Need to see a specialist fast? Stop cruising the internet and call MSK Doctors (0330 001 0048). They’ll set you up with a fast appointment, with no referral and no waiting list – to see one of the top musculoskeletal specialists in the UK.

Are you having knee problems?

Did you feel a sharp pain, and now you're having trouble bending the joint?

Is your knee stiff and/or swollen?

These are some of the common signs of a meniscus tear - and if you think that may be the case, you should see a specialist right away.

Of course, you could go see your GP - but personally, I would go right to the experts. It's easier than you might think, if you know how - and I'll tell you.

For knee injuries, I always suggest MSK Doctors, they're the musculoskeletal experts.

They also have an amazing fast-access option, that's exactly what you need if you have a knee injury. It lets you schedule your own, near-immediate appointments, without a referral from your GP.

Easy, right? You don't even need to visit them to make an appointment, MSK Doctors allows online or over-the-phone booking for consultations, diagnosis, and treatments, with no waiting list.

In fact, if you've been injured, why not book your appointment right now, so you can get in ASAP? Just visit and click "Book Online."

The thing is, they're not just a private clinic with fast access, they also have the top specialists, offer the newest most innovative techniques, and use the most advanced cutting-edge technology.

Seriously. If you don't believe me, just book an appointment and you'll see. Chances are, with a meniscus tear, you might be asked to get a Motion MRI - which is something you literally cannot do anywhere else nearby.

MSK Doctors has access to the only Open MRI scanner in the entire county - and it allows them to see what your injured knee looks like, not just as a still image, but when it's in motion. That's important because it lets them quickly learn a lot about your injury, and more importantly, what the best treatment is.

With better knowledge of the injury, their team can make a more informed decision about the optimal treatment, so that you can minimise your downtime.

You might think that's not too important - how many options can there be, right?

Well, as it turns out, there are a lot of options - and some are definitely going to be a better fit than others. It's not that one treatment option is the best, or it would be easy, just pick that one. Rather, there are many potential options, and the best one to optimise your recovery will depend on several factors.

My personal advice is to ask for Prof. Paul Lee, he's the founder of the MSK Doctors clinic, and a specialist in all the disciplines that are important for your injury, mainly hips, knees, and regenerative medicine.

He's also a double board-certified surgeon with five international fellowships and a balanced education in regenerative, surgical, and non-surgical treatments. So you'll know he's able to suggest the best treatment option out of all the different types, and he's got a reputation for doing an amazing job with everyone from random patients off the street, to premier league footballers.

If you want to know more first about your treatment options, the MSK Doctors private clinic, or its founder Prof. Lee - just visit their website. Not only does it have detailed profiles for each team member and explanations for tons of common treatments, it also has lots of free guides, and even a Q&A about knee pain, featuring Prof. Lee.

While you're there, don't forget to book your appointment. You don't need a referral from your GP, and there's no waiting list - ever.

Get all the details at or call 0330 001 0048 to book an appointment.

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