London Hip Specialist Uses Advanced DAA Techniques With Reduced Scarring

Feb 28, 2024

Did you know that you can get a total hip transplant, with practically no visible scarring? It’s still a new technique, known as the BIKINI procedure, but it’s available from the experts at MSK Doctors (03300010048), right now. You don’t even need a referral.

Every day there's some amazing new advance in medical technology - so they say - but have you ever noticed that we never really see these advances, or benefit from them personally?

I have - and it bothered me until I found out that the latest and greatest techniques are available to us, right now. You just need to know where to look... and to actually do the looking.

You won't find them at the nearest clinic, but you can find the top local experts, online, and it's easy.

Let's Line Up The Facts.

I'm getting ahead of myself though, let me start at the beginning - or if you'd rather skip ahead, and learn about the latest hip replacement surgery straight from the experts... Well, I can't blame you. You can get all the details straight from my source, at

Now, assuming you're still here, where were we?

Ah, yes. According to the NHS, the need for hip replacement surgery in the UK keeps growing, with more patients requiring this crucial surgery every year. This is no surprise, we have an aging population, and we all know it.

That's fine - but when it comes time for my hip replacement, I want to get the surgery done using the most cutting-edge techniques, by the best surgeons, with the fastest recovery.

I want them to use all the technology - as long as they're not trying to give me a "smart hip" or something.

The best way to do that, to make sure you're getting the best options for you - is to find out what they are, and how they differ. I did that the easy way, by checking with the experts.

Expert Advice, The Easy Way.

More specifically, I checked out MSK Doctors, a specialist clinic with a focus on musculoskeletal conditions. They also have a simple self-referral program that can help more patients access total hip replacement surgery, using the latest surgical techniques and scar-reducing procedures.

What I found out is that, while hip replacement surgery obviously isn't new, there are several techniques only recently developed that can help to minimize surgical trauma, scarring, and patient recovery times. Prof. Paul Lee, the MSK Doctors founder and hip specialist, has trained in several of these techniques, including helping to perfect the SPAIRE technique with Dr. Timperley, at the renowned Exeter Hip Unit.

Your Options, Explained.

MSK Doctors offer two advanced surgical techniques: they're called the "BIKINI" and "SPAIRE" procedures, with each option providing a distinct set of benefits. The BIKINI technique has recently become popular as it is considered to be the most effective method to reduce scarring when performed by a surgeon with experience in this particular procedure.

Now that's something to note - "when performed by a surgeon with experience in this particular procedure." I saw that in the literature, and it makes sense. This is a new technique, so if you want the best results, make sure you get a surgeon who's had some practice at it first.

With the BIKINI procedure, an experienced surgeon can help hide any scarring in your bikini line, while also using an innovative technique to reduce surgical trauma, scarring, and wound complications. This method also allows the surgeon to perform a complete hip replacement without cutting any major muscles, making it easier for you to recover, and resulting in a shorter hospital stay.

In most cases, the MSK Doctors team can send patients home the day after their surgery, with minimal movement restrictions. Most patients can stand and walk with crutches nearly immediately after their surgery, and they can often return to driving within a month of their operation. All in all, that doesn't sound too bad considering the surgery.

While the BIKINI technique has been rising in popularity, for obvious reasons, the MSK Doctors team also offers the SPAIRE technique. This option has been shown to greatly reduce surgical trauma, and may result in the fastest recovery times - but you will be left with the usual scarring.

It's a trade-off though. With the SPAIRE technique, the surgical team avoids damaging several important muscle and tendon groups, leaving you with a stronger, more stable hip joint during the healing process. You get a little faster recovery, and no post-op mobility restrictions, but you also get a more visible scar.

What I mean to say is, that you have options - and it's worth taking the time to understand them, before making a decision.

Or, as a spokesperson for MSK Doctors explained, “It is advised to do your research on the total hip replacement surgery, before going ahead. Different surgeons utilise varying approaches to the procedure, ultimately determining the circumstances of the total hip replacement, in both pre-operative and post-operative cases.”

The good news is, that doing your research is easy - the MSK Doctors team specialises in all the latest hip replacement techniques, and they'll be happy to help you find the best fit for your needs.

You can also find a full, detailed guide to everything you need to know before getting a hip replacement, just visit

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