London Hip Replacement Surgery For Mobility & Fast Recovery: Bikini & SPAIRE

May 14, 2024

Get the latest, greatest, and fastest-healing hip replacement surgery available today, and you’ll be back on your feet, for practice at least, the very next day. MSK Doctors offers both the Bikini and SPAIRE techniques, to help you recover fast, fully, and with minimal pain.

Today, when we go to a doctor, surgeon, or dentist, we're benefiting from centuries of medical knowledge, tested and proven again and again.

What if you could do one better though, and get the latest, greatest, most beneficial options - that have received official approval of course, but that still aren't available in most clinics? That's what MSK Doctors in London offers, the most advanced techniques, top surgeons, and innovative methods to get you back on your feet, fast. You can even book your own appointment, at

Staying Hip In 2024, The Easy Way

This year could be the year of the new hip - if you ask me.

That's because while medical science is always improving, these new techniques are a real game-changer, particularly if your concerns are recovering fast, fully, and with minimal impact on your daily life.

Let me tell you about two techniques available now, from the right clinics, that you'll definitely want to know about before getting a total hip arthroplasty (THA). They're called Bikini and SPAIRE.

With a traditional hip replacement surgery, you know how it works, right?

You get sent home with a list of mobility restrictions, and a long recovery process. However, with the SPAIRE or Bikini techniques, the MSK Doctors team can prevent damage during the surgery to several major muscles and tendons, limiting your blood loss and speeding your recovery.

This isn't just some "extra careful surgery," of course, it's a whole new technique that allows the surgical team to install your brand-new hip, while doing the absolute minimum damage.

SPAIRE Yourself A Long Recovery

Although each person is unique, using the SPAIRE technique, most folks can practise standing and walking with crutches immediately after their surgery, and they can return home within 24 hours. It's that improved.

In clinical trials, SPAIRE has been shown to significantly reduce post-operative dislocation rates and improve hip stability during recovery. This is mainly because, if you think about your hip, the muscles and tendons in the way, and where the transplant happens, there's a lot of tissue between where the surgeons are, and where they need to be.

With the SPAIRE technique though, to put it simply, they spare all those muscles and tendons from being cut, so your hip still has a ton of strength, stability, and mobility, already.

The SPAIRE technique has also been shown to improve the likelihood of you returning to your full level of pre-surgery mobility. So if you're an athlete, have an active lifestyle, or just want to keep on moving at full speed, that's certainly a bonus.

However, the best technique for each individual may also depend on their injury, goals, and unique anatomy. The MSK Doctors team also specialises in the Bikini technique, which offers many of the same benefits, but also works to eliminate the visible scarring.

If you're not sure what's best for you, just ask them. You can book an appointment with a specialist, right now, with no referral or wait, at

Brand New Bikini Benefits

So we know what SPAIRE is good for, it's a technique all about sparing you surgical trauma, for a super fast and effective recovery. Bikini is similar in many ways, with just one key difference.

While a total hip replacement surgery cannot be completed without causing a scar, the MSK Doctors team can use a uniquely planned initial incision to help hide the resulting scar in your bikini line. This technique also allows the surgical team to minimise blood loss, surgical trauma, and recovery times.

Now, I don't want to over-promise, so, you should be aware that the Bikini technique is still a relatively new surgery, and research suggests that the best possible results are available from surgical teams that are already familiar with this process. There are surgeons already skilled in this technique, of course, but you won't find them at your nearest corner clinic.

My advice is that if you're interested, you should schedule a consultation with a Bikini and SPAIRE specialist, to see what's best for you. It's easy, even if you're not an MSK Doctors patient.

In fact it's why they're my favourite clinic, you can make your own appointments, for anything, anytime. You can schedule a consultation with a hip specialist to discuss your options right now, and you could be back on your feet with a new hip before you know it.

You can learn more about Bikini or SPAIRE procedures, or book your own visit with an MSK Doctors specialist for consultation, diagnosis, or treatment, at

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