London Corporate Relocation Consultants Find Apartments For Executives In 1 Day

Nov 20, 2023

Maximise cost savings by outsourcing corporate housing search to London Relocation (+44 20 7993 0422). They can find an apartment for your employee in just 1 day and help them settle in.

If you have an employee relocating to London from another country (or perhaps an entire team?) there are many things you’ll need to consider to ensure a stress-free transition. Okay, that was a joke – there’s no way an international relocation will be stress-free!

The first and most significant challenge you’ll face is finding an apartment that 

a) Suits your employee’s lifestyle and preferences;

b) Is within your company’s budget.

In London, it’s usually one or the other. In addition, if they have kids, you’ll need to help them find a neighbourhood with a good school. What if they have a dog too? You’ll need to narrow the search down to pet-friendly listings. And then there are negotiations with landlords, utilities, integration… 

Or… you can just outsource it all to professionals and have your employee move into their new place in just a few days!

London Relocation has been taking care of expats in London for over 20 years, and they specialise in corporate relocations at any scale, whether you just have one executive moving to London or a big team.

In addition to fast property search, London Relocation offers assistance with family integration, school placement, and settling in to reduce the stress and logistics associated with the transition. Basically, they take care of everything for you.

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How fast can they find a house?

The team recognises that temporary housing in London can be a significant expense for your company, and prioritises speed in its work. With their fast property search process, London Relocation’s experts can find a suitable apartment in as little as one day.

“London has no MLS like the U.S. or Canada, you can’t see all the homes in London through one agent,” says a representative for the consultancy. “With our help, 100% of our clients have been able to explore places to rent, locate their perfect home, sign a lease, and move in within 1 - 7 days.”

Your employee will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will assess their individual preferences and offer neighbourhoods that are most suitable for their needs and lifestyle. Through London Relocation's partnership with over 120 real estate agents, its managers are able to schedule up to 25 viewings in one day, ensuring each client has enough properties to choose from.

What else can they help you with?

The consultancy also offers settling-in services, which include setting up utilities before the client moves in, as well as assistance with service providers and contractors. This hands-off approach results in a smoother transition and additional cost savings for your company, as the executive spends less time getting settled and can focus on their work. 

If you have a global mobility program, London Relocation can offer ongoing support for your corporate relocation needs. 

Do they only work with corporate clients?

No, they work with everyone! The company’s services are also available to professionals, families with children and pets, students, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Their mission is to find a perfect home for each of their clients, as fast as possible.

What do their clients say?

“My husband received a promotion that lead us to relocating from Atlanta to London in a little over two months, which with a job, a home, and a dog to organise prior to moving, finding a new place to live was a huge stressor,” said a happy client. “After my first consult call with Corrina I felt completely at ease that they'd be able to find us the perfect place to live, even with the added "pets allowed" requirement. We've been in our new flat for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier. It checks all the boxes, and our dog loves it too.”

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