Locate Game Habitats In Denver, CO Easily With This New Hunting Land Listing App

Nov 8, 2022

Colorado hunters rejoice! Infinite Outdoors, the best land access app for outdoor enthusiasts, has come to Denver and is here to put the state’s best hunting locations in your hands.

Locate Game Habitats In Denver, CO Easily With This New Hunting Land Listing App

Your next hunting adventure just got even easier to plan and more exciting thanks to Infinite Outdoors.

The innovative app gives outdoorsmen like yourself access to both public and private land for recreational hunting and fishing. With its arrival to Denver, one of America’s most famous outdoor adventure playgrounds, Infinite Outdoors is proud to be creating a mutually beneficial relationship between both local landowners and hunting enthusiasts like you, who want to use that land for the purpose of outdoor recreation.

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The launch of the app coincides with the latest information on hunting in the US from NC State University’s College of Natural Resources. According to the nationally acclaimed school, only 11.5 million Americans now hunt regularly, down from a previous peak of 28.3 million in the 80s.

As NC State University explains, this decline in hunter participation has severely threatened conservation funding, as most state wildlife agencies, including in Colorado, are funded predominately through the sale of hunting licenses.

One of the reasons for this decline, that the university cites, is that today’s hunters have been put off by unclear legislation and regulations. If you no longer know where you can hunt freely, this is a problem that Infinite Outdoors is proud to be solving.

Infinite Outdoors contains a sophisticated digital map that showcases all public and private hunting and fishing lands available to you. While membership in a local hunting club is generally very costly and only gives you access to limited and often overcrowded places, by contrast, if you subscribe to Infinite Outdoors, you simply need to check the app’s map to find a wealth of private places in your area that provide you with totally free hunting access.

The developers behind the app believe their new system can benefit both avid hunters like yourself and landowners, while also helping conservation organizations. In addition to encouraging more Colorado residents to purchase their conservation-funding hunting licenses, part of your Infinite Outdoors subscription fee also includes a donation to local habitat conservation NGOs.

Infinite Outdoors is a new app that seeks to provide an innovative solution to the current limitations around club membership and public land hunting in the US. By digitally partnering land owners with DIY hunters and outdoor enthusiasts like you, they hope to make hunting and fishing more beneficial to all parties.

A spokesperson for the developers said, “Infinite Outdoors is dedicated to providing private access to hunters and anglers of all skill-levels and backgrounds to high-quality game habitat while giving landowners full control over their land. Our advanced mapping app helps you locate public and private land for your next hunting or fishing adventure!​”

Whether you want to hunt turkey, elk, antelope or mule deer, Infinite Outdoors puts the best hunting in Colorado at the tip of your fingers.

Visit https://infiniteoutdoorsusa.com to start your annual subscription today.

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