Local Langley B.C. dog waste disposal company offers unique residential and commercial pick up and recycling service

Mar 6, 2017

Local Langley B.C. dog waste disposal company, Pokt Pet Waste Solutions Inc.is offering a unique residential and commercial pick up and recycling service in the area of Metro Vancpouver

Pokt Pet Waste Solutions Inc. from Langley B.C. Canada, is offering a unique membership service that collects dog waste in plastic biodegradable bags and then separates them into recyclable products. The company provides a low cost residential and commercial pick up service using special plastic collection bins. Dog waste is a big problem for the residents of Lower mainland, and the company's aim is to keep tonnes of dog waste from reaching the watersheds, by keeping it from local landfills.

Local area residents are invited to visit the website at; http://pookt.com/ sign up as members to receive low cost weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly collections. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, Dog-waste compost should be kept separate from other compost and is best used on ornamental — not edible — gardens. Prefer to flush the poop? Biodegradable — but not compostable or degradable — baggies can be flushed, making it simple to send dog's poop down the pipes. Just be sure to check with local municipality to ensure the sewage system can handle the grit.

For more information visit: http://pookt.com/

Compostable bags require the heat of a compost pile to break down, so they cannot be flushed. And beware of the word degradable (as opposed to biodegradable) which refers to formulated polythene. Polythene bags will fragment, not biodegrade, leaving tiny bits of plastic in the water. There are more than 350,000 dogs living in Metro Vancouver, that produce some 500 tonnes of poop each year , which ie a real problem. Officials say dog poop, which contains high levels of pathogens, is turning landfills into a toxic mess. Metro Vancouver wants the feces out of the trash and into the sewer system – and has tried several methods to just that“Ideally, what we want is the public to be able to take their waste and flush it down the toilet at home… that’s the goal,” said Doug Petersen, operational supervisor of Metro Vancouver regional parks, smiling as he acknowledges the "ick factor" may be too high for people to get on board with that idea.

Pokt Pet Waste Solutions Inc. is aiming at keeping hundred of thousand of plastic bags and tonnes of dog waste out of Metro Vancouver Landfills in the coming years, by using their unique recycling technology.

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