Local Dallas Custom Cabinetry provider collaboration with HGTV “Two Steps Home”

Sep 1, 2021

We were happy to collaborate with HGTV’s “Two Steps Home” stars Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon Pierre to create a masterfully crafted custom kitchen. See the results here

Cabinetry Company, Brothers Cabinetry Company, and HGTV's "Two Steps Home" have collaborated on a beautiful home kitchen renovation.

HGTV’s team of “Two Steps Home” reached out to Brothers Cabinetry and asked if we would help remodel a Houston Kitchen. Brother’s answer was “of course!” which will have the benefit of HGTV gets fresh custom kitchens that are tailored to the layout and style of the kitchen and home, while Brothers Cabinetry can showcase their expertise and craftsmanship.

In the episode, Co Star's Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon Pierre featured our exactly measured and installed, fully customized cabinets - tailored to the kitchen's style. The Co-Stars also mentioned our quick, exact & professional installation.

We were happy to provide the custom cabinets for the show and we hope that the show's co-stars Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon Pierre will wow any potential buyer's or future homeowner. Additionally, this kitchen will be viewed on subsequent re-runs of the show.

When asked about the project, Jeff Mackie (CEO/Managing Director) from Brothers Cabinetry Company said, "Working with the team at HGTV, coordinating this project, and getting a chance to showcase our hard work for the audience has been amazing. We look forward to working with Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon Pierre again!"

Jon Pierre of HGTV's "Two Steps Home" was quoted saying "Brothers Cabinetry Company has come out and put in literally only custom cabinets, the color, the shape, the whole layout. I mean, I've been looking around it's like, perfectly exactly measured. It's amazing. And then on top of that the perfectly level I mean they came in they spent the entire day here. I don't think I've seen anybody putting cabinets this professionally this quickly. So I appreciate you guys coming out. It's It's fantastic. Thank you, This is this fantastic. "

Full details on the collab can be viewed here: https://www.brotherscabinetry.com/kitchen-cabinets/hgtv-two-steps-home/

About Brothers Cabinetry Company:

Brothers Cabinetry Company was founded in 2020 in Dallas TX, specialized in custom frameless cabinets and wholesale cabinets, and serves the Commercial Construction Companies industry. We manufacture, customize and install. Built in Texas, Made in the USA. HGTV's "Two Steps Home" was founded in 1994

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