Live Online Breathwork Instructor Training Course For Aspiring Facilitators

Nov 28, 2023

Ready to take the next step in your personal development? Take part in NeuroDynamic Institute’s highly acclaimed breathwork instructor training course and learn how running NeuroDynamic Breathwork workshops can enlighten both yourself and the people around you!

As it turns out, there’s a lot more to breathwork than just… breathing. An expert would be able to get the most out of the practice - and indeed, only an expert would be able to help others reach their full potential through breathwork!

What if you could become that expert today? Well, you can! Okay, maybe not today. But NeuroDynamic Institute is launching their next live online breathwork facilitator training course in the spring of next year, with the first class starting on March 2. So if you think that leading others in a breathwork workshop is in your stars, get yourself signed up today!

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A Program For Everyone

While the latest installment of NeuroDynamic Institute’s popular facilitator training program is suitable for yoga instructors, somatic therapists, and other wellness practitioners, the course is intended for all audiences, regardless of their current profession. Feeling out of place as an IT specialist or a business coach? Believe it or not, you aren’t even the first one to take part in this course! It’s that accommodating!

As for the course itself, you will gain knowledge of Michael Stone’s NeuroDynamic Breathwork, a modality that was developed over his long tenure as a breathwork facilitator and has roots in neuroscience. That’s right: neuroscience. Turns out Michael Stone has a passion for it, and it shows. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why his modality is so effective!

That’s not all, though. You will also be educated in other aspects of successful workshop facilitation, including planning and promotion, how to work with special conditions, and how to select music that would be most effective in enhancing the breathwork experience. Basically, you get a crash course in both marketing and music, in addition to learning how to lead. How cool is that?

Course Content

Just putting it out here now: when you take this course, you’ll be getting instruction from the best of the best. Core lecturers and veteran facilitators Michael Stone, Glenn Girlando, and Saemi Nakamura will instruct you on breathwork fundamentals and personal development, with each session lasting 4.5 hours. The training program also features special seminars on InnerEthics and Spiritual Emergence led by guest speakers Kylea Taylor and Brack Jefferys, respectively, which will introduce you to other skills that are crucial for effective facilitation. 

Upon completion of the training, you will be certified to lead NeuroDynamic Breathwork online group workshops and one-on-one in-person sessions. If online groups just don’t cut it for you, don’t worry. You can get qualified to host group in-person workshops too. Just apply for the optional three-day online course that is offered at the end of the program, and NeuroDynamic Institute will get you started.

About NeuroDynamic Institute

NeuroDynamic Institute prides themselves on their innovative and cost-effective approach to breathwork, and their modality has been featured internationally in the London Times, Elephant Journal, FOX NBC, and other media. The launch of their latest certification program reflects their goal of making breathwork accessible to everyone, allowing individuals of any background to conduct workshops with NeuroDynamic Breathwork.

“This training program has given me much more than I would have ever expected,” said a satisfied participant. “Not only have I gained knowledge about facilitating breathwork sessions and becoming a good facilitator, but I have also gained a lot of knowledge about myself. Michael’s, Saemi’s, and Glenn’s dedication is very inspiring and showed me how enriching this work can be.”

There are many other powerful testimonials where that came from. The program is popular, and for good reason - everyone who’s graduated from it has reported positive changes in their lives. And that could be you, too. Enroll for the course today, while spots are still available! NeuroDynamic Institute is only accepting a maximum of 34 students, so it’s best to act fast!

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