Listen To The Best Advice On How To Get More Paying Customers With A Buyers List

Nov 24, 2021

Looking for practical tips on how to grow your income? Check out FitPreneurShip, an entrepreneurial advice podcast show that teaches you how to grow a buyers list from making video reviews.

Ever heard the saying that says there are many roads to Rome? Many ways to do one thing. Hmmm. Online marketing? Too many if you ask me! And which ones are real, true, and actually produce monetary results?

Enter FitPreneurShip. Entrepreneurial advice without the fluff. Just some straight talk and really great practical advice.

With the goal of providing you with entrepreneurial mentor support, the company’s latest podcast release is recommended for startup and growing business people, such as yourself, who want to implement and replicate the advice given to them. Now you can collaborate with a proven business and wellness coach for increased productivity, efficiency, and overall mental and physical health improvement.

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FitPreneurShip’s latest podcast, Episode 24, provides you with high-quality guidance if you are serious about making a change to your current circumstances and willing to build upon the educational content provided.

The show is held by FitPreneurShip founder, experienced entrepreneur, and successful lifestyle and weight management consultant Kneller Fernandes. A master mariner by profession, Kneller has extensive experience in the marketing and entrepreneurship industries.

In this particular podcast, Kneller mentions the strategy of building a buyers list. This is an email list of potential purchasers who are confirmed to have the inclination and the ability to make online purchases. He says that those who have bought before will most likely purchase again.

His advice is to employ the concept of launch jacking which capitalizes on the marketing hype of an existing product or service launch. With every major launch, there are many affiliate partners who will inform their email subscribers list of new offers.

The customer’s tendency is to then research what has been said about the service or product prior to making a purchasing decision. To anticipate and take advantage of the relevant search increase, Kneller says you can create high-value, informative in-depth video reviews which would then redirect the audience to your affiliate link posted below the video.

Customers who purchase can then be added to a confirmed and active buyers list which can be re-targeted directly with additional offers. In this way, you can effectively reach a proven buying demographic.

About FitPreneurShip

FitPreneurShip was founded by Kneller Fernandes whose vision is to empower online entrepreneurs with startup advice, client recruitment, and health guidance to manage the day-to-day stress of building a digital business.

A company spokesperson said, “FitPreneurShip’s initiative is to help new entrepreneurs not only start up their journey into a life of their dreams but also to help them in a holistic way where they are healthy and wealthy.”

FitPreneurShip is the trusted business strategy podcast show that you can always rely on – go on over to their website to learn various strategies that will help you in your journey as a digital marketer and business person.

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