LinkedIn Integration Enhances Sales Navigator’s Lead Generation Capabilities

Sep 19, 2023

Agencies can now turn LinkedIn into a lead converting machine with Salesflow, an effective DFY (Done For You) LinkedIn automation tool with Sales Navigator integration.

If you're looking for a more cost-effective way of scaling your prospecting efforts to deliver more hot leads, Salesflow is the answer.

For agencies that provide Linkedin as a service, Salesflow generates more hot leads for your clients and manages them all from a centralized white-label dashboard.

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A recent IDC report reveals 84% of CEOs and VPs in the B2B sector use social media to make purchasing decisions. Statistics from LinkedIn reveal 90% of business decision-makers use the platform and 73% of buyers are more likely to consider a brand if the salesperson reaches out via LinkedIn.

What's the fastest way to target and connect with these decision-makers? LinkedIn automation platform Salesflow.

Salesflow makes your outreach and sales conversion process faster, easier, and more cost-effective thanks to AI-driven DFY lead conversion capabilities that are Sales Navigator compatible and feature Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRM integration.

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Some of the toughest hurdles agencies face in today's B2B environment include difficulty reaching decision-makers, increased competition, and limited client budgets. Many of these hurdles can be overcome through research, targeted messaging, and relationship building. LinkedIn automation tool Salesflow - named 2023 high performer twice by G2 - shifts those tasks into overdrive. Now you can scale your outreach from dozens to hundreds, enhancing conversions and increasing deal size.

“With Salesflow clients to run hundreds of targeted outreach campaigns simultaneously, generating quality leads that help close more deals faster,” says a company spokesperson. “Agencies can adapt our white label dashboard to reflect their branding and deliver on their mandates like never before.”

At the heart of Salesflow’s benefits is the capacity to generate hot leads in a more cost-effective manner than digital advertising, cold calling, or email marketing. This is due to the volume of targeted prospecting Salesflow can deploy. Using the platform’s DFY tool, you can cut between four to eight hours in administrative and research tasks, and can also lower your cost per lead for better margins.

Advanced reporting and statistic functionality help you measure campaign success and allow you to fine-tune your lead generation for maximum efficiency. You can easily monitor established KPIs, review daily statistics, and generate summaries of total messages sent, total replies, tags, campaign connections, and much more.

With Sales Navigator compatibility, you have access to more advanced, precise, and targeted prospecting results.

In today’s competitive and complex B2B environment, agencies stand to future-proof their businesses while saving enormously on time and cost per lead when they automate their outreach with targeted, personalized, and solutions-oriented campaigns.

Salesflow client and HubSpot sales manager Simon Kinneen says, “My sales team has seen a large uplift in connections, message replies, and meetings booked. So far, the team has closed two deals using Salesflow and my reps were able to automate some of their top of funnel processes and expand their sales network.”

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