LinkDaddy Cloud Backlinking For Google: High-Authority Platform BackBlaze Added

Jun 10, 2024

Specialist backlink building agency LinkDaddy has added Backblaze to a growing portfolio of major cloud hosting backlink capabilities, which translates into even better SEO results for your business.

Cloud Authority Backlinks

Major cloud platforms, such as BackBlaze, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle, have significant ‘Domain Authority’ with Google. LinkDaddy has partnership with over 14 such platforms, including the ones mentioned, giving you access to supercharged backlinks.

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Other cloud hosting partnerships include DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Neocities, and Most small businesses don’t have access to such heavy hitters, so you can gain that all-important competitive advantage.

Backblaze joins Google Cloud, Neocities, Linode, and pCloud as part of ‘Package A.’ So, how do you get backlinked on those platforms? LinkDaddy develops high-quality content and a personalized HTML page for your business, which is then hosted on those cloud providers.

“Use our specialized services and we will create content, place it on cloud platforms, and link back to your website,” Tony Peacock, CEO of LinkDaddy, explains. “You can also add Cloud Authority Backlinks to your Google My Business listings and YouTube videos, further boosting your online presence.”

Advanced SEO

As many purchasing journeys now begin with an online search, LinkDaddy explains that SEO is only growing in importance. The history of search engine optimization is closely aligned with the growth of the internet, and SEO practices have become increasingly sophisticated as the technological landscape has evolved.

With the recent addition of BackBlaze, LinkDaddy offers a high-authority platform that further enhances the widely accepted SEO technique of backlinking. The agency points out that, while many small businesses use some form of backlinking, most do not have access to leading technology providers, such as Backblaze.

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LinkDaddy also states that its Cloud Authority Backlink services are designed to be affordable and within the financial means of your small business. Professional SEO services can run into thousands of dollars each month, which is out of reach for many small businesses, putting you at a competitive disadvantage.

In addition to the enhanced backlink services, LinkDaddy offers Google My Business profile management, social media management, and professional multimedia content marketing. In business for almost 10 years, the agency has created over 11,000 high-authority backlinks on behalf of more than 2,850 clients.

Supercharge your SEO efforts with the powerful backlink and content services from LinkDaddy.

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