Linda Cousine makes her hilarious Middle-Aged Hottie series boxset FREE on April 13th.

Apr 13, 2017

Hilarious writer Linda Cousine makes her boxset “Middle-Aged Hottie” series about the funny side to menopause and other women’s issues FREE on April 13th.

  • linda cousine makes her hilarious middle aged hottie series boxset free on april
  • linda cousine makes her hilarious middle aged hottie series boxset free on april
  • linda cousine makes her hilarious middle aged hottie series boxset free on april

It turns out that there a hilarious side to menopause and aging. In Linda Cousine's "Middle-Aged Hottie" novels, she puts a comical spin on hot flashes, wrinkles, and family drama that will have readers laughing out loud--perhaps shedding a few tears in the process. The "hottie" aspect, of course, is in reference to the main character's hot flashes.

The books can be found here on Amazon:

Linda Cousine is a writer who can’t quite yet figure out if she wants to make her readers laugh—or cry. Her “Wit Lit” series, "Middle-Aged Hottie", is a satirical account of a fading model fighting to keep her life, her looks, and her libido on track in the face of impending menopause, and inspired by Linda’s own struggles.

“Middle age, divorce, dealing with children, addiction, therapy, and all of the insanity of real life comes shining through in a brutally honest, humorous, and at times gross way! You will feel the emotion, frustration, and at times hopelessness of this descriptive and well written book. Dysfunction at its best! An honest look at the condition of many family units with the day to day pressures of life as we know it. An entertaining read!” – Best-Selling Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.

The boxset series of three novels--"Hotter Than Ever," "Too Hot to Hold," and "Hot to Trot," begins with the story of Lexi Taylor's chaotic life.

Lexi Taylor had the picture perfect life—beauty, fame, a loving family, and a long-standing contract as the face of an international cosmetics line. But after Lexi hit the big five-o, menopause moved in and her husband moved out, followed by her friends, her figure, and her career.

One Amazon customer wrote in her raving review: "This is the kind of series I look for: characters I can relate to and grow to love. Linda Cousine takes us on a domestic romp through child-raising, money troubles, business success, good and bad marriages, and aging parents. In other words, all the stuff we ALL deal with. Brava to Linda for pointing out the fact that plenty of us over-fifty-year-olds have a lot of life left in us. And that we can even, on occasion, wear sexy heels AND kick up our heels (but probably not at the same time.) The sweet affection between Alexis and Richard, based on years of learning about each other, hurting and loving each other, and accepting each other despite their foibles, is as lovely as the humor is acerbic. After reading this series, I'm definitely going to look for more by Linda Cousine."

Another reader commented: "I laughed out loud (including the odd snort). No subject is taboo in Lexi Taylor’s hilarious middle-aged misadventures. Any women who have suffered a ‘hormonal incident’ will relate to Lexi’s dramas. Throughout all Lexi’s madcap escapades the core of the stories relates back to family bonds and love. These entertaining stories are great fun and I highly recommend for mature readers."

The Middle-Aged Hottie books can be found here on Amazon:

Readers can visit Linda Cousine on her website at

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