Lincoln, UK Musculoskeletal Clinic: Get Fast Knee MRI Scans Without Referral

Apr 16, 2023

Open MRI (0333 335 5848) can help you to get the MRI scans you need, fast. You don’t even need to read this article, just call them up, and make your own appointment right now, with no referral, and no waiting list. It’s that easy.

Lincoln, UK Musculoskeletal Clinic: Get Fast Knee MRI Scans Without Referral

Do you need an MRI right now?

Stop reading this article, and click the link below or call the number in the description, to make an appointment right now.

Seriously. It's so easy, you could have it scheduled in just a few minutes, even if you don't have a referral from your GP.

This new fast access program allows anyone to schedule their own appointments for the only Open MRI scanner in Lincolnshire county, using an online booking system that's super easy and also includes their partner clinic, MSK Doctors.

Try it out for yourself, just visit and click "Book Online".

Unfortunately, if you haven't been referred by your GP, there's a fair chance that you may not actually know what body part you need to have scanned. That's not a deal breaker though. The clinic offers pre-scan consultations with a specialist, which can help you to determine which body parts to scan, and how many of what types of scans will provide the most useful information.

This isn't a traditional MRI scan either, the clinic uses an Open MRI that has several important benefits, including the use of an “open” design that is often used for claustrophobic clients, or scans that require you to lay in an awkward position. The Open MRI also provides a unique type of scan, known as a motion or dynamic scan, which shows how the affected joint acts when it is moving.

What about after your scan?

Through its partnership with the MSK Doctors clinic, which is staffed by a top team of musculoskeletal specialists, Open MRI is able to offer recommendations to local specialists for treatment after your scan, often at a preferred rate. You can also schedule an in-depth review of your scan, with a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, to go over each slide either face-to-face or through an online screen-share.

Though you will likely require only a single MRI scan, the clinic is able to offer up to 3 scans per visit, per person, with each additional scan adding approximately 40 - 50 minutes to the appointment. However, this does not include dynamic or motion scans, which are highly specialised procedures that can require up to 90 minutes per scan.

Of course, you don't need to remember all these details, or worry about a thing, once you make your appointment. Open MRI will have a trained technician available at all times during your visit, to ensure your scan is completed properly, and to minimise any anxiety. Though some people can find MRI scans to be noisy or stressful, Open MRI scanners are generally considered quieter and are safe and comfortable for people of all ages.

One satisfied client said, “Easy access, and always available. It’s the only open MRI scanner in the county that is dedicated to bone and joint scanning.”

If you need an MRI, why not get it fast, at your own convenience, and with a cutting-edge diagnostic scanner?

You don't even need a referral, all you have to do is call 0333 335 5848 or visit them online at

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