Lighthearted Book for Middle-aged Women by Linda Cousine is Free April 13th and Raises Awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease

Apr 12, 2017

Linda Cousine is launching her brand new book, “Hot To Trot”, available through on Amazon targeted at fans of the romantic comedy world. More information is available here:

  • lighthearted book for middle aged women by linda cousine is free april 13th and
  • lighthearted book for middle aged women by linda cousine is free april 13th and
  • lighthearted book for middle aged women by linda cousine is free april 13th and

“Hot To Trot” will be free on April 13th on Amazon and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the romantic comedy world. "Hot To Trot" is part of the "Middle-Aged Hottie Series" by California resident and interior designer Linda Cousine. It will also shed some light on Alzheimer's disease and how it affects the loved ones of those who suffer from it.

More information on the book can be found here:

Hot To Trot provides a blend of rom-com and caustic wit. Readers will likely enjoy how Linda Cousine's sharp wit and bluntly honest writing truly come to life in her novel about the immensely interesting life of a fifty-something ex-super model. Cousine touches on everything from the meaning of life, to motherhood, masturbation, and merkins in a novel that will have every reader laughing and shaking their head, all while rooting for Lexi to make the right choice.

The book was written to help middle-aged women see the funny side of menopause. There's also particular excitement about this launch because this book is part of the relaunch of The Middle-Aged Hottie Series. This is the third of several books Cousine has authored.

Linda Cousine's inspiration to write the Middle-Aged Hottie series came to her in a hot flash. Literally. It also came with weight gain, night sweats, dry skin, and hide-the-knives. Cousne likes to think of herself as the original Middle-Aged Hottie.

One customer review said, "I cannot get enough of this author. Her books make me laugh out loud to the point of tears. I remember waiting for my son in the school parking lot and laughing so hard people were staring. It was worth it. I love this whole series.”

Cousine has hopes that the book will unite middle-aged women with common middle-aged problems. One reader said about the book, "I strongly recommend you read all 3 books! They're true to life, best expressed the life & travails of the golden age for women, symptoms & all. So so funny, amusing, & hilarious!".

On a more serious note, in a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking for all the unsung heroes who valiantly lose their parents to the horrors of Alzheimer's disease. Cousine says, “My thanks go out to all of you who have shared stories.”

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here:

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