Lifestyle Business Training For Mothers & Mompreneurs: 2023 Side Hustle Tips

Aug 15, 2023

In this guide from Monetized Marketing LLC, you can learn all about Alicia Lyttle’s latest online course – teaching you practical tips for launching your own business!

If you’re a mom, you’ve probably spent more time than you can imagine dreaming up home-based business ideas. Monetized Marketing LLC is here to help, sharing a course that can supercharge your momentum!

You'll learn practical tips on business creation from Alicia Lyttle. Most important, every idea can be based on hobbies and passions - so you can build a future doing what you love!

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In the online event, Alicia covers the concept of 'freelance flipping' - which involves reselling paid freelance work at a profit to a different client. She also provides a window into the 'gig economy', teaching you how to build a flexible lifestyle around freelance work.

The comprehensive 18-module course teaches you how to identify a profitable freelance niche, establish yourself as an expert, and launch a thriving business. It prioritizes advice on creating flexible and adaptable lifestyles, recognizing that 71% of female entrepreneurs are still the primary childcare provider, according to Small Business Trends.

At the core of the training, you'll learn how to leverage your existing talents like writing, graphic design, or social media management to serve eager clients. Step-by-step, Freelancing Genius guides you through practical strategies for pitching services, onboarding clients, managing time, and scaling your freelance work.

Freelancing Genius also accelerates business success by providing you with professional website design included in the course. Websites are crucial for establishing authority and credibility when attracting high-paying clients - and a professional design helps you to stand out from competitors in the same niche.

Beyond the course materials, you gain access to an engaged community within a private Facebook group. Here, you can network, collaborate, and learn from fellow entrepreneurs on their own freelancing journey.

Throughout Freelancing Genius, the course emphasizes work-life balance and time management. You'll develop strategies for being productive during pockets of time without compromising family commitments. Alicia Lyttle notes the flexible nature of freelancing is ideal if you're seeking professional purpose without the rigid schedule of a 9-5.

A spokesperson states: "Being a successful mompreneur isn't about achieving a perfect balance but rather about finding what works for your unique situation. It's about merging your dual identities into one fulfilling life. So, embrace the chaos, arm yourself with these tips, and charge ahead into your exciting journey as a mompreneur."

Ready to create the future you've always dreamed of, working at home around your kids? You're in the right place!

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