Life Training Systems Is Launching A New Hypnotherapy Training Program

Aug 19, 2021

Life Training Systems is about to launch their new comprehensive Hypnosis training. To find out the details you can get more information at

Ahead of the launch of its new Live Training, Life Training Systems is making public Three as yet unreleased facts about their Hypno Therapeutic Coaching program set to go live for enrolment on the 20th August 2021, which fans and consumers within the Hypnosis Training Courses and NLP Training Courses space will find interesting...

The Three items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating the Hypno Therapeutic Coaching program came about after the owner and lead trainer of Life Training Systems realised he had always wondered, how effective traditional Hypnosis really is? Colin feels it can at times be quite formulaic while on the whole the structure tends to usually be geared towards hourly sessions and is trained in that way. Colin believes that for a therapeutic intervention to produce more predictable results there should be a more structured step by step process that's more in-depth rather than a few quick questions then straight into inducing trance with generic scripting.

The evolution of the Hypno Therapeutic Coaching program has been in development over several years of delivering their already unique 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy program. The product has been developed mainly through the feedback from the post training support that Colin delivers and prides himself on. He reports that it really became more and more apparent, especial over the last year and half of lock down. The need for this development came through Colin's passion for getting results for his students. The interactions and feedback that have help formalise the development needs of this training have come mainly from a core set of LTS's more advanced Hypnotherapy students. This demonstrates Colin commitment because the biggest driver has been a desire to create a systemised approach to Hypnotherapy where the results of an expert can be easily modelled and duplicated consistently by a relative novice who is well trained but has far less, if any, experience.

The Live Training almost didn't see the light of day, because the market place is already full of Hypnosis training programs that people pay for and study, yet Colin has questioned how many actually apply what they have learnt. It seems to be only a small handful of dedicated students that ever make what they learn work for them. The answer in Colins mind was to be to make a system that was easier to follow through on. It became Colins goal to create such a system and teach tools that can be easily applied in each step of his system. As well as a way of measuring the incremental changes as the Hypnotherapist progresses with a client through each of his steps. .

Life Training Systems has done something different compared to other businesses in the Hypnosis Training Courses and NLP Training Courses space, by looking to get beyond the often misunderstood fact that Hypnosis is actually a fairly easy process to teach and there are lots of training schools out there teaching Hypnosis and training Hypnotherapy processes to students. The only real difference is the Hypno Therapeutic principles that are taught and the diverse range of tools and techniques that the student can develop mastery in. Life Training Systems teaches a very advanced and complete conversational Hypnosis process as well as Advanced NLP Language skills, Rapid Induction skills and their 7 Step Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y Coaching model, all delivered within their Hypno Therapeutic Coaching Program over 7 full days.

Hypno Therapeutic Coaching will be released as part of Life Training Systems 's greater plans to use this powerful unique program to help ensure that their students are fully equipped to deliver great results for their clients so as to ultimately gain a reputation as one of the leading Hypnotherapy training providers world wide. It's hoped this goal will be achieved by rolling out several new trainings over the coming weeks. Colin is keen to see Life Training Systems following sore because of it over the coming months.

Life Training Systems got its start when Founder Colin C McKay noticed a growing need for a better structure for those keen to take up Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching as a profession. With the founder having over 25 years of Management and Coaching experience and then graduated as a Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP 3 years prior to launching Life Training Systems in 2009.

Colin C McKay is quoted as saying: "We like to do things to stay well connected with our students. Things like, once enrolled you get immediate access to several comprehensive online resources as well as access to our full in-house support from the trainer directly before, during and after the training. This is done either by phone or by Zoom video calling. We are hoping that releasing these little factoids ahead of the Hypno Therapeutic Coaching program launch will help to make a difference for all of our prospective students."

Hypno Therapeutic Coaching is set to launch and is open for enrolment from 20th August 2021. To find out more, it's possible to visit

For more facts and further information about Life Training Systems , this can be discovered at

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