Life Insurance Product For Folsom Engineers Come With Business Loan Guarantees

Nov 17, 2023

If your engineering firm in Folsom needs cost-effective executive benefits with business loan guarantees, look no further than Ornellas Insurance (+1-916-804-9888).

Safety is your top priority as an engineer. And you can safeguard your career with a business loan guarantee from Ornellas Insurance.

The company provides you with a comprehensive financial safety net, especially given the risks associated with running a construction firm. Business loan guarantees assure your lenders that outstanding debts will be repaid if you or your engineers die or become incapacitated.

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The business loan guarantees also act as surety when navigating crucial phases of your career, such as business expansion, ownership transition, or unexpected financial challenges. By offering this added layer of security, Ornellas Insurance enables you to pursue your professional goals with confidence, knowing that operations will continue despite periods of disruption.

Engineers face higher rates of injury due to the inherent risks of working on construction sites. If you are part of senior leadership who signs loan contracts, your death or incapacitation becomes a major issue when there are outstanding debts.

Ornellas Insurance offers cost-effective plans with varying levels of coverage. It caters to boutique engineering companies to multi-location businesses, and also offers multi-life policies for ease of application.

Beyond security, there are also other benefits to getting business loan guarantees, as Ornellas Insurance points out. With it, lenders may be more willing to extend credit to your firm, even if you have limited collateral or a short business history. This can be crucial for starting a new engineering venture or expanding an existing one.

The agency adds that its loan guarantees can also result in lower interest rates for your company. As the guarantee reduces the risk for lenders, they may offer more favorable terms, including longer repayment horizons. This can lead to lower overall borrowing costs and make the financing more affordable.

By getting such a plan from Ornellas Insurance, your company can enhance its credibility in the eyes of suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders. It demonstrates financial stability and the ability to secure funding, which can be beneficial in building trust and attracting business opportunities.

The agency’s president, Helen Ornellas, says: “We are committed to helping engineering professionals and their firms get the protection they need so they can weather turbulent times and continue to grow their business.”

Don’t settle for executive benefits that have anemic perks. Work with Ornellas Insurance today!

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